The Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 will have support for S-Pen

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When Samsung introduced the Samsung Galaxy Fold in 2013, few were those who thought that this new size of smartphone would be the one that would change the industry after the irruption five years before the iPhone. But so it was.

I remember seeing it at MWC in Barcelona in 2014 and thinking that it had to be interesting, and useful, to have such a big screen. Yes, they were 5.3 inches, but at that time mobile phones in Spain were not more than 4 inches.

Along with that enormous size, Samsung incorporated software designed to work and a stylus integrated into the body that allowed increased productivity.

Losing the essence of the Galaxy Note

The Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 will have support for S-Pen

As the years have passed, two of the three keys of the Note, the software and the screen size, have been permeating the mobiles of other ranges, both in the upper part of the catalog and in the middle and lower.

Now it seems that it will be the third pillar, the S-Pen, the one that reaches other models. According to Korean media, Samsung would provide support for the stylus in the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Samsung Galaxy Z3 Fold.

Will the Z Fold 3 be the heirs of the Note?

The Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 will have support for S-Pen

According to these sources, although both models will support the use of the S-Pen, only the Z Fold 3 will have a hole in the frame to house it. In the case of the S21, the pencil would be sold separately. To carry it, a cover with a hole for it would be marketed.

This makes us wonder if, finally and after many rumors, Samsung is thinking of getting rid of the Note family.

On the one hand, it would be understandable given that taking this step would not have any exclusive element for these terminals. On the other, the brand of what are usually the best Samsung phones every year would be lost, even if there have been setbacks.

We will have to wait a few months to see if these rumors finally come true and to see if in the second semester Samsung does not announce new Note.

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