The Galaxy Note 10 are updated to Android 11 with One UI 3.0 in Europe

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Among all the companies that sell mobile phones in Spain, Samsung is one of the most mobile phones that are updating to Android 11. After updating all those that were planned for this month, Samsung has begun to roll out updates for mobile phones that would be updated in January, now being the turn of the Galaxy Note 10+.

The Galaxy Note 10+ starts updating in Europe

Although its update was scheduled for January, Samsung has advanced a few days the update of what was one of its best phones of 2019. The Galaxy Note 10+ has just begun to update to Android 11 with One UI 3.0 in Europe.

The Galaxy Note 10 are updated to Android 11 with One UI 3.0 in Europe 1Via | Sammobile.

The update begins in Germany, the country that usually arrives first within our continent and a sign that it is a matter of days before it reaches Spain. With a version number of N97xFXXU6ETLL, this update includes the December 2020 security patch.

In addition to the new version of Android, which stands out in functions such as the new multimedia controls or the bubbles for notifications, this version also has the own improvements of the One UI 3.0 customization layer, including a better design in the interface, performance improvements and new functions for the pre-installed applications.

Samsung updates Android 11 SpainMany of the models planned for January already started updating in December.

Normally Samsung is usually a company whose update plans are not usually the fastest, although in part it is usually because they are the only ones that detail with complete transparency the list of mobile phones that will be updated and dates of each one, starting in December and with models which end up updating in September.

With Android 11, the South Korean company seems to be exceeding expectations, since during December it has also updated almost all the models from January and February, which could mean that the rest of the previous ranges also end up receiving their update early.

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