The Galaxy Buds Pro will be Samsung’s next headphones

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The range of Samsung headphones in Spain has grown this year with various releases. The most recent of them is that of the Galaxy Buds Live, which became the first wireless headphones of the brand to have active noise cancellation. Although its design did not cover the ear canal, which made this cancellation not work well.

Samsung seeks to continue improving its headphones and they are already working on their successors. The brand’s next generation of wireless headphones will hit the market under the name Galaxy Buds Pro. After the Galaxy Buds + earlier this year, the brand is betting on the Pro last name in the next generation.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro arrive in 2021

Galaxy Buds Pro certification

One of the great unknowns so far is whether these next Galaxy Buds Pro will arrive with ANC or not. Previous Samsung headphones, such as the Galaxy Buds Live released in August, did not have such support. It is one of the most anticipated novelties, but at the moment it is not known if it will make its entry into this generation or not.

These headphones would arrive in early 2021, accompanying the range of the Galaxy S21, so they are the successors of the Galaxy Buds + this year. They have already been certified by the FCC in the United States, where their model number is shown to be SM-R190, thus following the Buds + (SM-R175) and Buds Live (SM-R180).

There is currently no data on these next Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, as the autonomy they would have. This is a field where the brand’s headphones do well, with the Buds + from earlier this year offering around 11 hours of battery life in total. So users will not have to worry about this.

Nothing is known about the dates on which these Galaxy Buds Pro will be made official. This year’s Buds + arrived in February with the Galaxy S20 range, so Samsung is likely to follow the same strategy in 2021 and they will be official in February.

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