The first video of a real Samsung Galaxy S21 has been leaked

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The Galaxy S21 family will arrive in Spain in the first quarter of 2021. This past week we have received a multitude of data about these new Samsung phones, such as their possible presentation date, in addition to having already passed the FCC certification, which indicates that their launch to the market is imminent.

The leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S21 keep coming, because it has already been published the first real video showing the next high-end from the South Korean manufacturer. This video shows the brand’s S21 + in all its glory, so that we can see what the brand has prepared with this model.

Galaxy S21 shown on video

Watch video

Thanks to this video we can see the design that Samsung introduces in this Galaxy S21. The brand has managed to reduce the bezels even more than in the S20 range and in this case it gives the feeling that they are completely symmetrical, or almost. In addition, in this model the glossy finish on the back is abandoned, because the brand would bet on a matte finish, something that was rumored but that is confirmed thanks to this video.

Besides the design, you can get some details about this phone. It is mentioned that in the photos captured with it, colors like blue or green don’t show up naturally. Although Samsung is known for saturating its photos, something that seems will remain in this model. He also mentions being satisfied with the battery life, which can last up to a full day on one charge.

In the video the device is passed through the Geekbench test, which suggests that this model is not the Galaxy S21It is the S21 +, although nothing is said about it in the video. In this test, the device obtains a score of 1115 in single-core and 3326 in multi-core. This is the S21 + score, because in the same test the S21 obtains scores of 830 and 3087, respectively.

Galaxy S21 royal design

The presentation of this new high-end Samsung will not take long. It remains to be seen if the prices that have been leaked for these Galaxy S21 are true, because they already caused a surprise. It seems clear that Samsung seeks to consolidate its dominant position in the high-end with a new family of phones that will stand out for their performance.

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