The first smartwatch Huawei with HarmonyOS would come in the fall

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The first smartwatch Huawei with HarmonyOS would come in the fall 1

The past year was presented HarmonyOSthe proprietary operating system of Huawei. Due to the blockade of the united States, the brand was forced to develop its own system, which was to be used first in devices of the connected home, before you start to use it in other products such as watches or mobile phones. It seems that this year the first smartwatch would be reality and could be launched in Spain too.

The brand has registered a new smartwatch, the Huawei Mate Watch. This watch would be launched next fall on the market and could become the first with HarmonyOS on the part of the brand. In the absence of the launch of the operating system in phones, a smart watch would be a good first step.

A Huawei Mate Watch with HarmonyOS

Harmony OS

In his presentation last year, Huawei announced that it would use HarmonyOS in all kinds of products. As has been seen in several tv sets in addition to a router, although the brand seeks to use it in more devices, such as speakers, smart or virtual reality goggles. The use in a smart watch would be a step of importance in the use of the same. Especially now that the veto of the united States has expanded once more.

In addition, the roadmap of the brand already indicated that in 2020 the first watches smart HarmonyOS would be a reality. What leads to think that this would be something true. In addition, a well-known leaker indicates that the brand would launch this watch on the 1st of October to the market, coinciding with the National Day of China.

If it launches in the fall, it is likely that this watch brand comes along to the family of the Huawei Mate 40, that is normally to be official between September and October. Last year the brand was left with the Huawei Watch GT2 with the range of the Mate 30, a watch that is noted for its autonomy and that it uses a proprietary operating system of the brand. May this year have taken the decision to finally jump to HarmonyOS.

The input The first smartwatch Huawei with HarmonyOS would come in the autumn appears first in Android Free.