The classic Instagram icon returns to the application

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Instagram is close to turning 10 years since it was launched as a photography social network for the iPhone, an application that later, in 2012, would reach Android and that soon after would be bought by Facebook, undergoing major changes that have made it extremely popular in Spain and the rest of the world, especially in the youngest public.

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the company would be preparing a special function that would allow us to change the icon on the home screen. Among the multiple options is the classic icon of the application, an icon that many still see with special nostalgia.

Instagram recovers its old icon and several more to celebrate its tenth anniversary

The tenth anniversary of Instagram is near, and it is that the popular photography social network first appeared on the iPhone on October 6, 2010. Much has changed since then, but the company would be working on a customization feature for our home screen to celebrate.

This is how Alessandro Paluzzi has discovered it, who has found within the application a hidden feature that will allow us to change the icon to any of the icons that have been present on Instagram during its 10 years.

The classic Instagram icon returns to the application 1Source | Alessandro Paluzzi.

The text that appears in the Instagram application is as follows:

It’s our 10th anniversary!
To celebrate, we have opened our icon chest and let you choose your favorite. We would be nothing without you! “

And after the message, the list of available icons:

  • Classic
  • Classic 2
  • Codename
  • Preview
  • Candy
  • Seafoam
  • Pride
  • Lux
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Designer

When adding the icons, they would appear on the home screen with a kind of sub-icon that constantly reminds us of the original Instagram icon, which makes the function less interesting than simply downloading the original icon and modifying it on your own home screen, something that is possible on most Android home screens, even manufacturers.

On October 6, 2020, Instagram should roll out the feature so that it is accessible to everyone.

The classic Instagram icon returns to the application 2


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