The camera of Google is preparing to add motion blur and more news

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The next version of the camera of Google, which corresponds with the number 7.5, it is ready to add a multitude of innovations to the Pixel: from motion blur, zoom audio. In addition, the application confirms the presence of the next Google Pixel 4a.

Few applications arouse as much passion as the camera Google, a software capture photo exclusive of the Pixel that independent developers they managed to adapt to other Android. Such software has been evolving in performance while improving on the processing of the images, an evolution that is close to take a new step: the code of the version 7.5 has revealed the upcoming features that Google anda developing.

The Google Pixel 4a may brand new some camera functions

Google Pixel 3a XL

We know that Google is preparing the renewal of its mid-range, a possible Pixel 4a that leads to ringing insistently for months. By the rumors, that Google Pixel 4a would appear; a fact that fits with what shown by 9to5Google: the camera’s native Pixel prepares to add different functions, probably with the output of the aforementioned Pixel 4a.

All the news found in the code of version 7.5 of the Gcam: this is already available for the Google mobile with the beta Android 11. In this code there are some strings of text that evidenciarían the inclusion of the following functions:

  • Motion blur (Motion blur). The camera of Google will allow the blur of objects and people in the background, like the portrait mode. The effect will give the illusion of movement in the blur as if photographed in high exposure.
  • Zoom sound (Audio zoom). Several mobiles have been including the option to expand the sound when you zoom in to the recording. In this way, the camera of Google will improve the record of video by separating the audio from the first plane of the rest of the scene.
  • Flash of adjustable intensity (Flash intensity). Google would have planned to add the flash setting to vary the way in which it illuminates the scene. This mode could be used in a flash low when you only need light padding, for example.

Apart from these three new photographic functions, the version 7.5 of the camera of Google andto allows you to easily share the videos thanks to your quick menu. Until now you could only do with pictures.

Google has introduced the novelties in the code of the application, but are not yet active. It is expected that go to be added laterperhaps when you finally present the Google Pixel 4a. After also will land in the modifications of the Gcam: it is only a matter of time.

Via | 9to5Google

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The camera of Google is preparing to add motion blur and more news

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The camera of Google is preparing to add motion blur and more news 1

The camera of Google is preparing to add motion blur and more news 2