The best websites to download content royalty-free: images, photos, videos, music, sounds…

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The best websites to download content royalty-free: images, photos, videos, music, sounds...

There are times that we need content for our projects that we cannot create ourselves. We talk about photographs, images, videos, sounds, music, icons, graphics… And if our budget is tight, sometimes we have not the ability to buy them.

Luckily for all, there are the repositories with content free of rights in which we can find creations of all kinds created by people who have decided to share their creations free of charge and free with the world.

The best websites to download photos, images, videos, sounds, music, icons, graphics… free of rights

In this article we collect a large part of the best webs to download this content free of rights, which we generally use as we wish, though it will always be necessary to consult the specific license for each content you wish to use. In addition, if one day we can bring something to the table, the majority of these sites offer the possibility of making donations and supporting them.

Pixabay, home pictures and videos free

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Despite being relatively unknown, Pixabay there has been a significant rise in popularity during the last few years, especially, have a catalog of images and videos of high quality that now exceeds the 1.7 million files.

Its use is very simple, you go to the main web page, enter in the search field, a term that allows us to find the theme that we seek, we select in the drop-down contiguous if we want to look in the image bank (that includes photos, vectors, and illustrations or videos and we give enter. Once inside, accessing the files, you can download in different qualities. It is fair to say that we will have to register to get the highest quality, but it is an extremely simple, straightforward process.

The audio Library of YouTube

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YouTube available a large library of audio separate in music and sound effects free. We will have to log in to our Google account, the one that we use regularly to access the platform, to be able to make use of the repository and browse through it.

In the case of music, it will be possible in addition to search, filter by genre, style, instruments used, duration, and type of attribution. In the case of sound effects, we’ll have them sorted by categories, finding sounds of tools, weapons, or time, for example. To download, click on the icon that we will find to our right, and we will save the content.

The Last Project, the bank of the classical music

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The Last Project it is an initiative created in 2014 by Jürgen Haase, composer and German producer with decades of experience in musical productions, primarily for the advertising industry. Given that his specialty is classical musicdecided to light this project and put at the disposal of its creation.

A large part of the bank musical of this portal are themes of classical music, notably well-known composers as Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert, Robert Alexander Schumann or Richard Strauss, although we also find modern music. The Last Project offers its content in several types of license, according to the uses.

Unsplash, the repository more carefully

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Pixabay is an institution and has both images and videos of high quality. However, Unsplash goes a step beyond looking at the pictures having specialised in photographs of high artistic qualitybrought in by a community of creators remarkable, use completely free of charge for any purpose.

Unsplash has more than a million royalty-free images selected to retain only the best, allows you to download it in all kinds of qualities and brings nothing less than more of 150,000 from the generous photographers around the world, from amateurs to professionals, going through companies.

Flaticon, the place of the icons vector

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The mission of Flaticon is offer graphic designs of high quality. From icons to images vector high-quality, fully editable and customizable that are chosen by the team of the company.

It should be noted that, as in other repositories, Flaticon offers paid content, but this is combined with thousands and thousands of icons and images free that can be found easily through the search engine and the corresponding filter. Resources great for a website, a presentation, a report, or what you can think of.

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The best websites to download content royalty-free: images, photos, videos, music, sounds…

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