The best mobile for less than 300 euros (April 2020)

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The best mobile for less than 300 euros (April 2020) 1

The market for mobile devices is becoming more and more competitive, and it is difficult to find the right phone for each user. We tell you the easy way which are the best mobile phones for less than 300 euros on the market.

The range of the 300 euros is the most recommended to acquire a new mobile phone. These devices are very competent in performance and offer a performance able to satisfy anyone. You will not have problems to use any application, the majority of games will work without problems. In addition, in terms of photography these phones are already at a level

All these phones make the good photos and offer great performance without compromise, along with NFC connectivity for mobile payments. The differences lie in the small details, but you choose you choose you’ll have a satisfying experience.

It is important to note that the prices quoted in the article are the ones that had the product at the time of writing the article. If you find a different price is due to price changes that make the businesses online. Sometimes cheaper, others more expensive.

Mobile for less than 300 euros: the Galaxy A51 is the most complete

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The Samsung Galaxy A50 managed by its own merits, become one of the most mobile sold last year to meet one of the best balances in the medium range. Samsung wants to repeat his success this 2020 with the Galaxy A51, and after having analysed our opinion it is still one of the references of the mid-range.

The great innovation in this mobile is in the use of a Super AMOLED screen of 6.5 inches, but thanks to its aspect ratio 20:9, and the choice of materials is the mobile more lightweight and comfortable to use. When you use your mobile all day, this detail is able to make the difference.

Another aspect that we like a lot of the Galaxy A51 is One UI. The layer of customization from Samsung we think it is of the that best respects the features of Android as it brings a fresh design, attractive and loaded with extras.

  • The best: design, screen, weight.
  • Reasons to dismiss it: between mobile for less than 300 euros is the one that has less power, although the difference is not very dramatic.

Samsung Galaxy A51 for 293 euros.

The king of the power: realme X2

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The realme X2 would be the primary choice for you to locate a excellent mobile to play. The reason is due to your processor, and the Snapdragon 730G is one of the first processors designed specifically for the gaming.

To accompany the experience, the realme X2 features a quick load of 30 W, much better than that of their direct rivals.

  • The best: performance and quick load.
  • Reasons to discard it: realme UI is a version that improves at a good rate, but we believe that is still a step below other layers.

realme X2 128 GB for 292 euros.

Great screen and camera motorized: Xiaomi Mi 9T

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The Xiaomi Mi 9T is a terminal very similar at a technical level, the realme X2. It is less powerful when using the standard version of the Snapdragon 730, a difference that while it is palpable in the performance testing, nor should it make a big difference as assumed as you have only 64 GB and absence of slot for microSD cards.

The great virtue of My 9T is in its screen and design, to occupy all the front clean. The front camera is hidden in a retractable mechanism very cool, but with which we have to take special care to avoid any breakage.

  • The best: Screen, design and performance.
  • Reasons for discarding: 64 GB memory and not expandable, while your rivals have 128 GB.

Xiaomi Mi 9T 64 GB for 299 euros.

The last of the great mobile for less than 300 euros Huawei Nova 5T

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Huawei had a 2019 complex due to the veto of Trump and the inability to use the services of Google in the new devices. The Huawei Nova 5T is one of the last phones that were certified to have Google services, and this makes that if you like the good work of Huawei and don’t want to give up to Google what you should consider.

Level of performance is at the height of the P30 and P30 Pro, mobile, we loved the show. The similarities end there, and it is in the rest of sections the mobile Huawei stays behind from its rivals. The camera we like a lot, but in media not so much, being the only one without the AMOLED screen or audio jack.

  • The best: performance of high-end.
  • Reasons to discard it: screen and absence of a headset jack.

Huawei Nova 5T 128 GB for 299 euros.

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