The best MMORPG for Android

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Table of Contents

After its success on these three consoles described, the mobile version of the long-awaited free action and open world MMORPG (massively multiplayer online RPG) has been available since the end of 2019 on the Play Store.

Black Desert Mobile
Black Desert Mobile

What is Black Desert Mobile about

It’s a mobile title that promises the same combat gameplay and customization as the version for computers and consoles, but it has updated maps and content compared to Black Desert Online thanks to Pearl Abyss’ patented engine and its improvements in graphic processing.

Black Desert Mobile is one of those games that you don’t know about until you discover that it is followed by millions of players. We wanted to give a vote of confidence to this MMORPG game that will sound a lot like titles like The Witcher– Visually beautiful, with a variety of missions or tasks and a mystical touch.

black desert combat

Much has to do with the title of CD Projekt, especially in relation to the map exploration and missions. Regarding the first, the extension is immense as it corresponds in an open world, getting to lose completely the orientation on where we are located. The map is divided into zones, although the change from one to another takes little loading time. It is true that isometric view of the game does not help better visualization, but we are facing one of the largest territories that we can find on Android.

black desert map

On the other hand, as in The Witcher, we can go on doing tasks and missions that other characters of the title entrust us to gain respect in the city and improve our avatar. The missions are diverse, from hunting wild boar to carrying objects from one person to another. As is logical, the difficulty of these missions will increase with the progress. Much of that progress will come from our exploration of the game, since hunting animals and extracting materials we will get better equipment.

Lots of customization in Black Desert Mobile

One of the great attractions of Black Desert Mobile is that players can choose between five kinds of characters with different abilities to start their adventures: warrior, explorer, giant, mage or valkyrie.

black desert character

Once you have selected one of the available characters, we have a extensive editor to personalize each of the physical aspects of the individual. It is a detail that is appreciated, since it allows us to customize it down to the last detail with the multiple options that the game proposes: height, constitution, hair, eye color, eyebrows …

Impressive graphics, but very heavy gameplay

In addition to the combat system and that meticulous character customization, Black Desert Mobile also offers professions to manage camp upgrades, complicated world bosses, and PvP content like siege / node wars.

This mobile version not only brings the beautiful landscapes of the original game with sophisticated and realistic graphics. It also includes updated maps and life content such as fishing and taming. You will also have your own field that you can manage and expand, and faithful pets and horses that will accompany you on your adventures.

black desert hunting

This impressive graphics performance translates into requirements and storage. In other words, Black Desert Mobile has technical requirements in which the terminal must comply with a minimum of 2 GB and have Android 5.0. However, for the game we are dealing with, they are quite accessible and speak to how well it is optimized. Storage is somewhat more irritable, since when starting the title, it requires downloading files with a size of almost 5 GB to be able to function.