The best driving simulator for Android

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Table of Contents

EA often specializes in showcasing its industry expertise and launching high-profile titles with excellent sections, both graphically and technically. This racing simulator was not going to be less, with some characteristics that place it as the top of the store.

Real Racing 3

Wide range of cars and competitions

Perhaps one of the aspects that every car enthusiast analyzes first of all in a title of these characteristics; this time we can be calm. Real Racing 3 arrives with a garage that will delight fans of the world of four wheels. We can drive to a total of 250 cars, all of them real and reproduced to measure of brands as varied as Audi, Lamborghini, Pagani, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes; even Holden or Spada, who are not so well known. Going from such commercial vehicles as the Renault Clio or the Ford Focus RC, to the most excellent machines in the competition such as Formula 1 or GT3.

real racing 3 competitions

We can acquire cars in two different ways, either by earning virtual money –called R $– thanks to our victories in the different competitions or through micro-payments and also thanks to gold coins that we will acquire when we upgrade to a pilot level or, again, upon payment with real money through micro-transactions. And it is that money does not bring happiness, but we quickly realize that to test all this cast of vehicles, it takes something more than racing and getting victories, more than anything because we have a pilot energy that is limited.

real racing 3 graphics

The game’s progress system will allow us to start with basic models until we reach the best cars in the world. Thanks to the M $ credits too we can repair and improve our cars; For example, after a few races with a certain vehicle, we will have to carry out an oil change to keep its performance at the best level, which will force us to pay a certain amount of money and wait a certain time. In all cars there are elements to improve such as the engine, brakes, suspension or tires.

Simulator airs, but easy to handle

Let’s move on to the real highlight of the new Firemonkeys simulator: its tremendous technical section and its more than convincing tactile gameplay. Do not be fooled by all the graphic realism that the title gives off, since it does not forget that it is still used for small touch screens of mobile phones.

We have at our disposal options for all tastes and riding levels; from the typical interface via accelerometer ‒In which acceleration and braking are assisted by the game itself‒, up to a totally “manual” control, thanks to which we will control each and every aspect of our vehicle through touch commands.

real racing 3 interior view

While the first option is advisable for inexperienced players, the rest will help the real drivers get the full potential out of their supercars, setting the best times on each circuit. The sensations at the controls they come pretty close to what we all expect from a racing simulator, although of course from a rather superficial point of view.

The graphics of Real Racing 3, a delight to behold

Real Racing 3 turns to the new graphics engine Mint 3 developed specifically for the occasion; shows a level of brutal realism, never seen in a title for iOS devices in the driving genre. The models of the vehicles are perfect, with a really high number of polygons, very detailed and with truly spectacular dynamic body reflections.

The stages are also at a high level of recreation, where we will be able to race in settings as mythical as Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Spa-Francorchamps, Silverstrone, Hockenheinmring. Special mention deserves the view from the cockpit, with the interior of the car perfectly modeled.

real racing 3 damage

Of course, the vehicles present a somewhat limited visual damage system but that will slightly affect their behavior during the competition, although a few strokes are necessary for them to be affected. And if you expect a recommendation or a recommendation from us, it is better to remove the soundtrack. Thus, you will hear the roar of the engines with greater clarity and the weakest section of the title will disappear.