The best decks of playing cards

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Table of Contents

As is known, is a game based on the battles of letters with the powers, having different types or roles in the deck. It is important to assemble the right team, with a balance adjusted to the level that we acquire in the game. That is why, we are going to review some of the best decks.


The best decks of cards in Hearthstone

You try on the clothing of decks in this game seems somewhat repetitive, but it is certainly not. The balances of these cards are changing with the time, not to mention that the developers will be implementing update after update, so we will show the decks most current and most trend have among the players.

Shaman with Totems

It is one of the decks with the best cost/performance of all that we are going to present. Has a cost of 2240 powders and a winning percentage of 52.8 per cent. To use it in a game, it is really effective if we face a deck that contains a Druid, while on the contrary, against a deck with Demon Hunter we are going to have really difficult.

deck chaman totem in hearthstone

The cards that we should preserve if we appear in the mulligan, are Maga Battle Flaming Totem of EVIL, which adds a lackey to your hand at end of turn, and Reflex Totem to invoke a copy of the same totem.


This deck costs something more, with a cost of 3460 powder and an overall percentage of victories of a 61.6 per cent. The best opponent to show this deck is a Hunter Mission, with a greater likelihood of victory, while the Priest Resurrection is the worst scenario we can have.

deck hunter in hearthstone

It is a deck more aggressive, with semi dwarf to use it with our power of a hero, with the goal of using it against minions. After using the power of hero, we can choose to Stalker phase for the launch of a secret in the deck, so it will be advisable to keep it if it appears in the mulligan.

Demon hunter

a deck similar but with a cost to something higher, exactly 9020 powders. In addition, you have a winning percentage of 49.3 per cent. Is a less chance but if we play against a deck of Paladin Mission, this probability will be increased to a great extent. Even with Egg Warrior, which is one of the worst fighting that we have, does not have a percentage as low as you can think of.

deck hunter demons in hearthstone

Being a Hunter, it is still a deck aggressive enough, to which we add cards demonic. Between them, the more we have to keep for any time in the game is a Priestess of the fury, which inflicts 6 points of damage at the end of the shift, shared between all cards of the opponent. If we need extra attack, we will need to use metamorphosis, changing our power of the hero to inflict 5 points of damage for two turns. At the end of them, the change is rolled back.

Magician Highlander

This deck is going to cost more dust to get it, needing exactly 15640. Has a winning percentage of 58%, increasing its probability if we face to Taunt Warrior. If we do it with a deck of Hunter, we’re not going to be so easy.

deck, mage hearthstone

We have several dragons in the deck, so we depend on those cards more than ever. One of the cards most useful that we can use in the event that we have a dragon, is both Taumaturga of dragons like Malygosas with the first non-us will cost crystals to perform spells, while the second discovers a mage spell improved.