The best decks for Season 10

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Table of Contents

But in this article we are going to focus on the letters, which have suffered changes but have not been too. With all these changes, we are going to create the best decks updated for this Season 10.

Best decks present in Clash Royale

Keep in mind that the Archer Magic has lowered its range, the life time of the Hut of Elves has been reduced by 20%, while the Barrel of Skeletons, he has seen how his life points have been reduced by 15%.

Trunk with Tower Bomber

Deck very full to win games in this new update. It has a character quite offensive, as it is thought to defend with minimal resources until the opponent spends your elixir, that way we will attack with a wave of letters, which by the way are not very expensive to produce.

deck tower bomber season 10

To attack, you can launch the Knight to go for one of the flanks, and if on the road encounters with minions or skeletons, we have the Trunk for despej√°rselo. The Bats use them to finish off the Magi that the opponent’s lance, and let us not forget the Miner, a resource to launch attacks from afar. To defend, the motto will be to launch the Tower Bomber in the center of our area, to divert the attack to the towers.

Deck of Golem Elixir with healing

We put the heavy artillery on the table. To begin our attack, we could launch the Golem Elixir behind the tower, and once you reach one of the bridges, accompanied with Dragon Power or Dragon Infernal, and Witch of the Night, we can even continue bothering pulling Arrows that are not much elixir.

deck golem elixir season 10

To compensate in defence, since we don’t have too many effective. We will use Spirit Healer and Healer Warrior to support the Dragons that we launch against the enemy troops, given the lack of availability of Hordes of Minions or Goblins.

Giant Noble with Ice Mage

This tandem can give very positive results. Yes, we wait for our time to launch both cards, especially when it appears in the game a Elixir x2that will give us the possibility of reusing the Giant Noble is much faster, since it is of rapid cycling. The Trunk is another important element to clear the enemy Hordes.

deck giant noble clash royale season 10

In this deck we do have resources to defend. The barbarians, Minions, and the Mosquetera, although it may accompany the Giant Noble, will be very useful to defend the towers, especially if you combine it with a spell like Storm or Fire Ball.

What would be the best to start?

As we have said previously, the deck Trunk, with a Tower Bomber it is the most complete that we can find in Season 10, and that is the reason why it can be considered the best of these three. It is true that we do not have a tank, but it does not make us lack with the variety we already have. Air attack, Hordes of Minions, Bats to attack the Mages, Knight as minitanque, Trunk to obliterate the Hordes rivals, and Tower Bomber to defend. And if that weren’t enough, we do not use any of the cards that have been nerfeadas.