The best apps to download on Amazon Fire TV Stick

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Table of Contents

The applications will be of all kinds, as we will try to meet any need that may arise when using this device streaming.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Before you download any other, you need to install this on the device. Although it is not to install it directly on the Amazon Fire Stick is an app primary for the smartphone to serve us as remote control or even as an external keyboardfacilitating a lot of things if we want to search for something on the device.

app amazon fire tv stick


Pulling for the basics to see all the films, series or documentaries that we plazcan. The app allows you to view all your content from the device on Amazon, although you can also resort to share something that we are seeing in the smartpone, and send it to the tv.

netflix amazon fire tv stick


To this we refer on the compatibility of the device with the Google services, something that gives you a positive point to their increased usability. The menu is displayed horizontally, that is to say, a sidebar with the sections and the rest of the screen to display your favorite videos or those that are trend.

youtube amazon fire tv stick


Perhaps many do not know this app, but it is a platform that allows you to see any multimedia content from the deviceespecially if it is internal storage. On the other hand, you can connect with other platforms like TED or SoundCloud, in addition to a special encryption to protect our remote connections.

plex amazon fire tv stick

Spotify – Music and podcasts

One of the greatest platforms for listening to music streaming you have your own version for your device from Amazon. Their distribution shows all the options to be horizontal, with the idea to maximize the space and that the tv is able to see all the content in its entirety.

spotify amazon fire tv stick

The Time

For fans of meteorology, it will not be necessary to wait for the news to see the weather forecast on the television. Through this app, we will be able to see the forecast of weather of any part of the world and to our taste, that is to say, looking at temperatures, levels of pollution, radars, etc


Is an app of which we speak doesn’t do much to solve the problem of send videos and web content in general, from the mobile to the device Amazon. Its interface uses a functionality very simple, but that tries to link both devices so that the user can send web pages from Google Chrome.

apps amazon fire tv stick airscreen

CetusPlay Fire TV

If the time comes that we lose the control that embeds the player streaming, does not work, or someone has appropriated that object, this is one of the apps to the Amazon Fire TV Stick to the more utility we’re going to find. Allows you to control, from the mobile, the navigation through the interface of the tv, as if the command is involved.

cetusplay app


It is one of the few solutions for download APK files from the device Amazon, in addition to the browser. Allows you to manage all downloaded files in a single interface, as well as the subsequent installation of the same. In this way, it is possible to download other apps that are not in the store itself Amazon Fire.


Easy Fire Tools

Is one of the unique apps that we can not find in the own Amazon store, but yes in the Google Play. However, the utility that offers is huge, as it allows you to remotely control the Amazon Fire TV. We do not mean to navigate through the interface and control for certain tasks, but reaches the level of installing or uninstall appsclose that are in the background or manage the files stored, as well as multimedia content. All that, with a single touch.

easy fire tools

Easy Fire Tools
Easy Fire Tools