The best apps to control the temperature and the fever

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Although our field is technology and the Android universe, it is inevitable to talk about the Coronavirus, this new pandemic that has crippled the planet almost completely. What is certain is that we have all entered into a psychosis in which any bad symptom, because we think that we can suffer from this disease. So from AndroidAyuda, we want to contribute our grain of sand with these apps to control the temperature and the fever.

You have to know to contextualize these apps, as they are not treated thermometers currents, but that parameterize these data through the sensors of the mobile device. However, we are going to review the best exponents of this sector right now.

Body Temperature Diary

The advantage of this app is that you do not need Internet connection, we can evaluate the temperature at any time. In addition, incorporated notes to aim if we are sick or we have forgotten to take your medication. In addition, it displays diagrams and statistics on our data.

The best apps to control the temperature and the fever 1
Body Temperature Diary
Body Temperature Diary

Registration of body temperature

As he says, records the temperature of both environmental and body, with various units of measurement. In addition to creating a history and save it to go comparing data, has a record of the frequency of the pulse, which from time to time it is difficult to find, and recommends what food or clothing will reduce or increase the temperature, depending on the case.

Body Temperature App

Once in a while , we wonder if the temperature that we have at a given time is normal or not, either too cold or too hot. This app shows the minimum and maximum values to diagnose whether you suffer fever, in addition to locate the nearest hospitals in the event that we have to resort to them.

The best apps to control the temperature and the fever 2

Body Temperature App
Body Temperature App

Thermo – Smart Fever Management

Designed for the whole family, can be very useful for this new virus. We already know that one of the symptoms is fever, and this app will record the temperature that we have both of us as family members, to confirm if it can continue to be at the start of this disease, or otherwise dismiss it.

Application of body temperature

The name, like the rest of apps, is very descriptive with your role. Like others of this collection, it saves all the data that we recorded, and the app notifies you if our levels are normal, low or high. Your operation becomes very useful for those who have diabates or sugar.

Fever Control Fever

The uniqueness of this app is that we can track if the relative is a boy or girl, how old he is or even if there is a new member. The developers explain that it is intended also for the hospital doctors, although it is recommended to use utensils more professional.

The best apps to control the temperature and the fever 3

Fever Control Fever
Fever Control Fever


Think of the smallest of the house, very vulnerable even to certain diseases. In special of this virus, of which there is still no cure, so we must constantly be aware of the care of the children, for them to be seen as soon as we notice an anomaly.


This app lets us know the temperature of any point on the map, as if it were a app weather. On the other hand, displays data such as the humidity or the pressure, that is to say, performs functions closest to a thermometer environmental, so it lacks such functions as a body thermometer.The best apps to control the temperature and the fever 4

Baby Fever Aid

Does the ‘sin’ of the house won’t stop crying? Perhaps it is because I have some fever, and if at that moment we do not have a thermometer, it only remains for us our Android mobile to confirm. Is more, we can record the temperature in question, the time at which the test was taken and even recommended if the baby needs any type of medication.

Thermometer free

In the first app we discussed that it was not necessary to connect to the Internet to perform measurements, since at this yes that is mandatory to have constant network to record data. In addition, it contains a vision of weather also, since it makes the forecasts of the time that we will encounter over the next 7 days.