The best apps and games

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Of the releases that have been this year, some of them were predictable that they would appear in the lists of the best. If you think so, and following the original awards script a bit, we are going to highlight the winner in the applications category and in the games category, and then continue with the rest of the winners divided by genre.

Genshin Impact and Loóna, the best game and the best app

Perhaps one is less surprising than the other, but in any case given the Google Play rules for awards, only one should be chosen as the best development in its field. Several factors are very influential in the Google store, such as the trend during the year, the number of downloads, and the opinions contributed by users. Without a doubt, what we all agree on is that both Genshin Impact and the fitness and mindfulness apps have received unusual support.

Genshin Impact

In case someone, with the confusion, does not know what this game created by miHoyo Limited is about, we will give you a quick summary. It is a role-playing game that tricks locals and strangers, and that has a certain resemblance or inspiration to the Zelda saga, something that gives a very good sign. It offers a plot depth developed in a open world with infinite geographic resources: mountains, rivers, valleys and all kinds of reliefs await us in this adventure. It has a fairly obvious anime theme, but graphically shows the brilliance of the version of Zelda on Nintendo Switch.

It has very characteristic options of this 2020, with a cooperative mode and with crossplay. This means that it supports games with up to 3 players in history and with the possibility of playing between consoles, since it is multiplatform.

Loóna: Bedtime Calm & Relax

Perhaps this app is surprising that it is the most voted of all the applications that we can find in the store. Not because of the utility it fulfills, but because of the app itself, since there are many more well-known and popular options. And we do not say it because it is an app for mindfulness and relaxation, because it has been one of the most successful and trending categories of the year. This suggests the influence that a whole global pandemic has had, which has made us turn to our mobile phones to find an escape route.

loona google play awards2020

And you may wonder, what does this app have to be the best? Especially considering the number of downloads, since it is extremely recent. It is the first application that allows you quickly disconnect from a long and stressful day to have the right mood for sleep. It is normal to think that like this there are hundreds of applications for such a task, but the surprise comes when we see that Loóna is not a list of direct techniques to go to sleep, but rather an application that alters the mood and prepares you emotionally for going to sleep. To do this, every night you will get a new landscape to sleep on. Sleepscape is a guided session that combines relaxation, storytelling and sounds based In different activities in a unique way.

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