The best app to watch DTT is updated with support for Chromecast

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TDTChannels is a well-known application in Spain, since it is the best app to watch DTT on Android. This application is now updated to its version 2.0 and introduces an important new feature, which is sure to please many. Chromecast support becomes a reality in this new version of the Android application.

A year ago TDTChannels came to Google Play officially, presenting itself as the best application for Android when it comes to watching DTT on your mobile. In its new update, the application continues to improve thanks to its integration with Google Chromecast. So you can also enjoy content on the TV.

You can now play DTT on your Chromecast

The best app to watch DTT is updated with support for Chromecast 1

TDTChannels is an application where we find the Most of the free DTT channels available in Spain, gathered in the same app. This makes it possible to reproduce any content we want from the application itself, thanks to its ease of use and its extensive list of available channels. Now, version 2.0 of the Android app is launched.

In this new version of the application Google Chromecast support is introduced in it. The sending of these channels to your Chromecast has been activated, so that you will be able to see the content you want on your TV. without having your DTT tuned. You will be able to reproduce any content available in the application channels. This way you will enjoy those contents on your television screen.

This update represents an important improvement for TDTChannels, by allowing send content to your TV easily. You will only have to click on the send icon to cast said contents. You will not need to have a DTT in your house to be able to enjoy these channels on the television, as long as you have a Chromecast you will be able to enjoy them.

The new version of the application has already been launched on its website, you can download it at this link. It is a free, secure application with only the advertising present on the DTT channels.

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