The best app to view live tv is updated to the beast: dark mode and much more

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Table of Contents

The best application for watching tv on the mobile is updated to the beast: dark mode and much more

One of the applications that we liked from the recent times, it has been upgraded to add new enhancements. We talk about TDTChannels the application that allows us to view live tv on your mobile or listening to the radio, either from our smartphone, our tablet or from the website itself.

We must remember that this application check all the boxes that we like a application, free, Open Source and Spanish. In addition to not include any kind of advertisement except those that appear in the various chains, or any small print.

TDTChannels reaches its version 1.0: the best app to view live tv

With the arrival of its version 1.0 of the application has been nourished by a variety of improvements. In addition to the typical bug fixes, they have improved some aspects required within the application and added the much-desired dark mode.

TDTChannels reaches its version 1.0

The main novelties of this new version are:

  • New audio player: Allowing to stop or pause the playback from the own tab.
  • Video playback: Add the immersive mode, so that the app now takes up the whole screen.
  • Improvement in the information: The information prior to playback of a channel is now more detailed, including the languages, or its quality.
  • Dark mode: Now the application adapts to the dark mode of your device.
  • Improvements in Android TV: Fixed the visual errors and added a better selection of channels.
  • Updates of libraries: Internal improvements of the application.

To make use of TDTChannels should go to his web page, since not to be found in the Google Play Store due to the rights of the various chains. So we will have to download the apk and install it manually in our device.

TDTChannels official version

TDTChannels version Open-Source alternative

TDTChannels web version

If you want the version with the latest newsone , we have to download the official version. This version is Closed Sourceso that is not available as source code, because its author Marc Vila you want to avoid making potential clones malicious.

TDTChannels allows us to view tv channels or listen to radio from all over Spain

Those who want the version Open Sourcethough do not include the latest developmentscan download the app from the GitHub of the same. Recalling also that we have a web version of the application, so that from the browser of any device we can make use of it.

The input The best app to view live tv is updated to the beast: dark mode, and much more is listed first on The Android Free.