The best app to control screen power: this is KinScreen

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The time that we have the screen of our mobile on It is something that is going to have a significant influence on the device’s power consumption, something that Android users in Spain already know. To turn off the screen, we will have to use the off button, by simply pressing. Although there are more ways to control how long the screen is on and when it turns off, like KinScreen.

KinScreen is an application that has been available for years On Android, we have actually told you about it on occasion. It is a perfect application to configure how long the screen stays on, as well as the ways in which it will turn off. One way to have more control over this aspect.

Control when the screen turns off or on

KinScren configuration

The goal of KinScreen is simple: give the user maximum control over when the screen turns on or off from your mobile. In the app we have a series of options to determine each of these cases. In addition, the new version of the app (v 6.0.0) allows detecting the motion sensor, so that the screen can be turned on or off. This gives users more options to configure how it works.

It allows us to decide if we want to turn on, turn off the screen or keep it on based on some variables. If motion is detected, if the phone is placed at a certain angle or upside down,if we are charging the phone or if we are using a certain app. These types of variables will allow you to configure the time that the screen remains on. They will also allow us to decide if we want it to turn off or if we want to turn it on again, for example. Each one will be able to configure these aspects in the app to their liking.

KinScreen options

The great advantage is that KinScreen gives us many more options than we have in Android by default. In addition, once the app is configured, deciding when it turns on and when it turns off, we can forget about it. The application works in the background, without disturbing us or issuing notifications. For it to work well, you will have to first calibrate the sensors of the mobile, something that the app usually asks for, to be accurate.

KinScreen interface

KinScreen is easy to use and configure, since its interface has no complications. Thanks to this, you can select how long the screen spends on or the way it will turn off, in order to make good use of it. The options in the app are many, although some of its settings are reserved for the paid version of it.

How to download KinScreen on Android

KinScreen is an application that we can Download for free from the Play Store. There is a Pro version of the application, which gives us access to a series of additional functions, which you can buy monthly, annually or forever, with a price of 5.29 euros in the case of the last of the three options. Within the app you can go to the premium version if you want.

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