The app to search for treasures with your mobile

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Table of Contents

It is an app that allows you to search for treasures. Yes, you read that right, it gives clues and locations to find treasures. It is like an adventure and investigation game, which also promotes other concepts such as outdoor activity and physical exercise.


Release endorphins with Geocaching

Without a doubt, what Geocaching offers is something innovative and very interesting, even if it has been doing it for a while. The app grants a map with numerous treasures scattered either by our location or by other more distant places. The developers call them geocaches, which is basically the same. All of them are hidden in containers, obviously they are not the garbage ones, but they are hidden in boxes with the company symbol.

geocaching treasure

The truth is that we are not alone in this, since we have an active community to ask for clues, advice or notify other users about the existence of a treasure in a certain position. In addition, it allows interact with other players by chat and it has Google Maps integration to trace the route to follow to the geocache.

geocaching track

The geocaches are placed by the users themselves who, once they find them, can change their location so that they always reside in the same place. The only rule is that we can’t keep that treasure in our possession, it’s just a game. As if it were the Pokémon GO itself, it requires constant monitoring of the map, encouraging outdoor activity and physical exercise.

Steps to get treasures in Geocaching

This has some rules to follow, so we must be very clear about what can or cannot be done, as well as how to act in the case of finding one. The steps to create an account and start finding geocaches are as follows:

  1. Download the official Geocaching app from the Play Store. It has a web version, but it is something that we believe is unnecessary if we can do it from the mobile.
  2. In the Geocaching app, you will see a map with all the treasures that are hidden near you. Geocaches are classified by levels of difficulty from easier to more complicated, something you should take into account if, for example, you plan to go with children.geocaching map
  3. Pick one of these nearby geocaches and go for it.
  4. When you find it sign, put the date in the log book and hide the treasure again.
  5. Share your experience online with the community. To others geocachers It will be very useful to know the difficulty of the route, if the landscape was worth it, in what state the treasure was, etc.

Of course, for the more adventurous there is a premium plan that grants several advantages in terms of advanced treasure hunts or offline content, various types of maps, gecoachés of greater difficulty and group of members only for the premium service, plus other details.