The app to find businesses and detect COVID-19

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Table of Contents

In addition to making the surrounding businesses known, allowing information on the sanitary measures that each local is carrying out, and whether or not they are being respected. A function that Yelp carries out and that we will tell you in more depth below.


What is Yelp?

Yelp is a virtual community or Social network about the businesses and shops that exist in each city and that includes the opinion of the users themselves about the services, prices and customer service.

It already has more than 140 million users around the world and has been operating since 2004, it is made up of a record of millions of restaurants, bars, pubs, shops, cinemas, theaters and businesses in general, arranged geographically so that you can find them from your Location.

To differentiate itself from any commercial database in a city, Yelp It is nourished by thousands of comments and opinions from the customers of the stores that enter and provide real experiences on each registered store, making more the user’s decision to use a service or product or not.

yelp interface

With Yelp It is very easy to search for commercial premises, leisure, food or entertainment places near our location and read the comments of thousands of users with criticisms and recommendations, and thus save ourselves the hassle of entering a store and having a bad experience as a customer .

It allows you to do something as basic as being able to comment and comment on a place in real time as well as giving it a touch of entertainment with the famous Check-ins that were made so popular with FourSquare with the possibility of sharing it both between our Twitter contacts and Facebook like those of Yelp itself. A curious thing is that when you do that Check-in the logo is extremely similar to FourSquare.

Why should we have it installed on our mobile

On Yelp users can find not only restaurants and bars, but also very special shops, butchers, markets and yes, they can also find a plumber or a dentist

That may be the reason why we should all have it installed on our mobile, because it is a perfect way to find the best local businesses thanks to the opinions of people who live in that area or city, and who know the places first hand. ; consequently, they are very personal reviews.

Shows if restaurants meet COVID-19 standards

With the intention that people can attend restaurants feeling more secure, the review platform of local businesses has added a Section Covid-19 in your application so that people can share and rate how much the establishments follow the protocols. Through this new tab the companies themselves can also detail the sanitary measures that they have taken to protect their clients so that they feel safer to pay a visit.

yelp covid 19

But since the word of companies cannot always be taken, the site is now allowing customers provide feedback to inform. There are some contributions of users who are sharing their experience regarding measures to prevent a contagion of Covid-19 So, to encourage completion, Yelp is asking customers directly if staff are using masks, to which you can respond with “Yes,” “No,” “Sometimes” or “I’m not sure.” He also wonders if social distancing applies if a business offers outdoor seating, if it is done. disinfection between customers, whether contactless payment is supported and more.