The app that performs personality tests on Android

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Table of Contents

It is an application that performs personality tests to determine the type of person each one is. In this way, it allows you to know in the aspects that you can improve and the strengths that you already have but did not know yet. Those yes, then we will comment if the app performs a realistic analysis of a user.

Praditus Personality Test
Praditus Personality Test

Praditus: Drum and Cymbal Tests

As soon as we enter the app for the first time, we find a 60-question quiz. We touch all kinds of topics, whether personal, professional, social and even mental. After that, the program scans the responses, ranging from ‘Strongly Disagree’ to ‘Strongly Agree’, and that’s where it determines the personality type. It will tell us if we are extroverts, extroverts, more shy or hardly social, exposing the strengths and weaknesses.

praditus menu

The thing is not there, the program continues to require details such as gender or age, and then continue to propose more specific tests divided between the different areas that we have previously exposed. In addition, we must fill in data on our professional performance, if we are employees or students, up to the position and the sector to which we belong in the workplace.

praditus quiz

That is where our personality will be further polished. On the other hand, it is a content that is updating to the new times, such as asking if in our work we are exposed to contracting COVID-19.

Are the Praditus results accurate?

Our team of specialists in management and psychometrics developed all our tests in Praditus and all our modules are related to the best theories of management and psychology. A priori, all content is designed by professionals in psychological and social matters, so it is not made by hobbyists or fanatical users on the matter.

After numerous tests we have carried out, it is true that the results are close to reality if we answer honestly. It is obvious that there is not a clear answer for every question, as some of them are very general or somewhat ambiguous.

praditus results

In any case, it is not an evaluator as such, but it does fulfill its function of determining our motivations, interests, social skills, etc. very well. Of course, it is difficult to answer all the questionnaires, so you have to take it easy. In fact, the app warns that needs an advanced amount of answers to create a more detailed and accurate analysis. If we leave a questionnaire in the middle, nothing happens, Praditus makes a autosave of the same.