Temporary mode in Messenger: what is it and how is it activated

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Messenger and Instagram unified their chats in Spain recently, with a series of news for users. One of the newest features to be introduced is self-destructing chats, which was announced in November. Although it is not the only privacy function that we can use, since we also have the Temporary Mode.

Temporary Mode is a function that takes a while available in Messenger for Android. Thanks to this function, all the messages that have been sent in a conversation will be deleted once said chat is closed. Thus, each time you will start from scratch and you will have a somewhat more private chat.

This is how the temporary mode of Messenger is activated

Messenger Temporary mode

Temporary Mode in Messenger is a kind of pre-function to temporary messages that will arrive shortly to the application, now that it has been unified with Instagram. In both cases we find functions that seek to improve the privacy of the chats you have in it. Thanks to this mode, closing a chat will delete all its messages.

If you want to use these types of messages in your account, the steps to activate them are:

  1. Open Messenger.
  2. Enter the chat where you want to activate this Temporary Mode.
  3. Click on the i icon.
  4. Go to the Temporary Mode section.
  5. Activate this option in chat.
  6. When you close that chat, the messages will be deleted automatically.

With these simple steps, the so-called Temporary Mode is activated in your Messenger account. When you close the chat you were talking to that person in, messages that have been read will be deleted directly when you close the chat. It is important to keep that in mind, which are those that have been read, the read icon must appear within the chat to confirm it. Those that are not shown as read will not be deleted.

Temporary mode in Messenger: what is it and how is it activated 1

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