Telegram allows you to import your chats… from WhatsApp!

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Telegram allows you to import your chats ... from WhatsApp!

Telegram is one of the messaging apps that has grown the most in recent weeks in Spain. Between the increase in organic use and the confusion that many users had with the new WhatsApp privacy policy, the app led by Pavel Durov has grown among a less technological audience.

And they wanted to take advantage of this with one of the most striking updates that we remember, which includes nothing less than the possibility of taking our chats from other messaging apps.

Export your WhatsApp chats to Telegram

In the last hours, the Telegram update 7.4 has arrived to iPhone users. Despite Durov’s complaints about the Apple ecosystem, he has prioritized the update on Android, which should arrive in the next few hours. However, you can already try this new feature by installing the latest Telegram beta.

In addition to WhatsApp, this new functionality can be used with two other apps, Line and Kakaotalk, which are not widely used in Spain. If for any reason you use them and want to export your chats to Telegram, just use this option.

How do we export a chat?

Before proceeding, it is necessary to have Telegram Beta installed in 7.4 (or wait for the stable version to arrive), and that we cannot export all the conversations at the same time, but we will have to do it one by one. It is also convenient to have WhatsApp updated to the latest version.

Telegram allows you to import your chats… from WhatsApp! 1

The first step is to open WhatsApp and go to the conversation that we want to migrate to Telegram. In the chat, we will click on the ellipsis button located in the upper right area and click onMore> Export chat.

It will then ask us whether or not we want to include the multimedia files, indicating that the conversation sent will take up more space. We choose whether or not we want to share them and the share menu will appear. We select Telegram Beta if the stable one has not yet arrived and you have installed this version, or Telegram in the case that when you are reading this it has already been updated to the stable version.

Telegram allows you to import your chats… from WhatsApp! 2

We select the chat in which we want to export the conversation. You should choose the contact with whom you had the conversation, although you can actually export any conversation to any contact (although you should not, out of respect for the privacy of the contact you export). You can also export group chats to new Telegram groups, in case your friend groups have migrated to Telegram.

More privacy in the app

In addition to that novelty, which is the most striking, Telegram has included some new functions, related to privacy.

We will can remove messages or groups created by us, secret chats or call history for everyone, without leaving a trace in the application.

We can also greet new Telegram users with an emoji or sticker suggested by the app, something that makes perfect sense at this time when, as we have said, there are many new users.

Improvements in voice chats

Telegram allows you to import your chats ... from WhatsApp!

The last novelty of Telegram, until today, were voice chats. In the update that is already being sent to the servers, we will be able to adjust the volume of the voice chat participants individually as well as see the active voice chats of your groups at the top of your Calls tab.

Telegram allows you to import your chats… from WhatsApp! 3

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