TCL’s first roll-up mobile has been leaked on video

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These weeks we have had various news about the roll-up mobile that LG will launch on the market next year, an ambitious and expected launch in Spain. Although the brand will not be the only one to have a roll-up mobile ready, because also TCL plans to launch one, which could be very close to being official, judging from the video that has been leaked.

A leaked video, which looks like an official video of this device, allows us to see the design of this TCL roll-up phone, as well as some information about the device. A different model from the one that was filtered in February, but which makes it clear that the brand seeks to be one of the leading firms in this field.

This is the TCL roll-up mobile

Watch video

In the video you can see that this TCL mobile would have a mechanism that makes the screen expandable when needed, something could be done by tapping on the side, same process so that it will go down again. By extending, we have a larger panel, which we can use both vertically and horizontally whenever we want.

This device would arrive with a 6.7-inch AMOLED panel, as mentioned in the video. Presumably this is the size of it when fully expanded, since you can see that when the phone does not have the expanded panel, it is really compact, taking up less of the palm of the hand. So it would be very easy to transport in this regard.

On the back of this TCL phone multiple cameras can be viewed (it looks like three cameras and an LED flash), all of them in the top center. You can’t see a fingerprint sensor, which could be under the screen, when using an AMOLED panel on this device.

Side roll-up mobile TCL

Nothing is known about when this roll-up phone will go on sale, nor the price it could have at its launch. The video clearly looks like an advertisement promoting the phone, so it may be very soon when this brand’s roll-up mobile is made official. The brand has not reacted so far, but we hope to hear more about this launch soon.

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