Tasker will allow you to customize the Android 11 power menu

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Tasker will allow you to customize the Android 11 power menu 1

Several weeks ago Android 11 was finally made official, after several betas throughout these months. The new version of the operating system, which will begin to reach users in Spain these months, has left us with a series of new functions. One of them is the new power menu, from which to control smart home devices from there.

By pressing and holding the power button on the phone, access to this power menu is allowed, where users can view those connected smart home devices and control them from within, such as turning them on or off. Although the accesses are limited, but thanks to Tasker this is going to change.

Tasker improves Android 11 power menu

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Tasker seeks to improve shortcuts in this new power menu on Android 11. Therefore, in the new beta of the application (with number 5.9.4) you can see the new possibility of customizing this menu on the phone. Since it will be possible to add buttons of Tasker itself in said menu, so that clicking on them will allow you to perform a task that you have established in the application.

These tiles will function as buttons to perform a function on the phone, which is not only for home automation. Especially since there are many users who maybe they don’t have smart home devices, but want to be able to take advantage of this new menu in the operating system. This new beta of the application makes it possible.

In Tasker has been introduced the new action called Power Menu Action, which is where you will be able to create a button with a specific action, which can be entered in this new power menu in Android 11. In addition, the application allows you to create buttons that change throughout the day, to further customization.

Tasker will allow you to customize the Android 11 power menu 2

To enjoy this feature you have to join the new Tasker beta, something possible at this link. Thus, when you go to receive Android 11 on your phone, which could be one of the already confirmed models, you can customize this menu thanks to the application.

The Tasker entry will allow you to customize the Android 11 power menu that appears first in The Free Android.