Tasker now works with the Google Assistant: automation to the limit

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Android is the most widespread mobile system in Spain, and among its virtues it stands out the possibilities that developers have to create practically anything they propose. Tasker is one of the best examples, being one of the oldest automation applications on Android that allows us to do practically anything.

Its new feature gives this application even more power, being able to launch our automations from voice commands of the Google assistant. How can we activate it and what can we do?

Tasker integrates with the Google Assistant

The Tasker automation app is one of the oldest, and it keeps getting updated with improvements. In its latest version, it has received support for App Actions, an Android tool that allows you to integrate applications with the Google Assistant.

It is a tool that is currently only available in English, but is still very striking. Through the Google Assistant, we can ask«run X on Tasker », where X is the name of any of thescriptsautomation that we have designed. Once indicated, the Tasker command will be executed as shown in the following video.

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To use this feature you must have English among your languages ​​recognized by the Google assistant, in addition to having updated Tasker to version 5.11.14. If you have the app installed and have not yet received the update from the Google Play Store, you can download it from the official Tasker alternative download link on Dropbox.

If you have not tried Tasker yet, it is a paid application that costs 3.59, although you can use it for free if you are a Google Play Pass subscriber. It is one of the most advanced applications out there, and if you are fluent in English now it is worth more than ever.

Tasker now works with the Google Assistant: automation to the limit 1


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