SwiftKey will soon have clipboard sync with Windows 10

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SwiftKey cover

SwiftKey is one of the most popular keyboards among Android users in Spain. Despite the fact that it has lost market presence, given the enormous advancement of keyboards like Gboard, Microsoft continues to launch new functions for its keyboard, such as the adaptation of its dark mode to the system mode a couple of weeks ago.

Also, they are currently working on new features that will be coming to the keyboard soon. One of them, highly anticipated by users, is the Android clipboard sync with Windows 10. This function would allow to copy any text on the phone and have it automatically on the computer. It is expected to arrive soon on SwiftKey.

SwiftKey will incorporate clipboard synchronization

SwiftKey clipboard sync

A clipboard shared between mobile and computer will allow better synchronization between the two, as well as facilitate the use of the two devices during work. When copying a text or web address on one of the two, it will then be displayed on the other device. Microsoft has started working on this option in SwiftKey, so that the keyboard works as a bridge between Android and Windows 10.

The keyboard would thus allow everything that has been copied to the mobile can be sent to the computer, both normal texts (such as on a web) or in messages, as well as web page addresses. In addition, this function will also work in reverse, allowing the keyboard to have access to what you have copied to the computer, without the need to use applications such as Your Windows Phone.

In the SwiftKey beta on Android This function has already been seen, although it is not active at the moment. In order to use this clipboard synchronization, when available, it would have to be activated on both devices (Android phone and Windows 10 computer). By doing this, you can start using it on both devices.

Until now, it was Samsung phones that had a clipboard shared with Windows 10. Although this new function in the keyboard owned by Microsoft will make any phone on Android go to enjoy this function. No release dates have been given yet, but it doesn’t seem like it will take too long to become official.

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