Stickers in WhatsApp: how to download them to add them to your collection

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The application of WhatsApp takes a lot of time with the added feature of stickers. However, these are not added or are downloaded automatically so it may not be as intuitive to find them. The collection is updated from time to time and is always good to know how to download the stickers of WhatsApp in a simple way.

We will tell you how you can perform this process, so if you want to see the packs of stickers that are available in the application itself, as if you want to download a sticker that you have sent through any conversation.

Downloading stickers of WhatsApp

Add Packs Of Sticker

The stickers of WhatsApp not found within the settings of the application, but also in the bar to write messages. We must not confuse these stickers with the stickers that may have our keyboard (Gboard and others) because, although you can use on WhatsApp, they are not stored in the application, which is what interests us.

We must not confuse the stickers of WhatsApp with the the manufacturers themselves, including sometimes on the keyboard

In the bar to write a message you will see the icon of a smiling face, where we must press. By giving we open a pack of stickers that comes already pre-installed: the of the cups. As you will appreciate, each pack of stickers has its own icon, so that we don’t have to go clicking on them to change the packs. In the same way, we have the category of stickers favoritessymbolized with a star.


If we want to add new stickers, we have no more pressing on the icon ‘more’ located on the right side of the bar in which it appears the information that we are seeing. Here you will get the list with all the stickers available. There are a few, but if we get more we will see below a button ‘more stickers’, which will take you directly to the app store of Google to download. If you want to add any pack of stickers to our collection, we no longer have to click on the download icon. They weigh very little, so don’t worry about the weight.

When our contacts send us a sticker we can also save it even though the pack is not on the list. To do this, we don’t have to press on the sticker. and give you to add to favorites. In the case that the sticker is inside a pack, you may also see the pack and download it full. If this option does not appear, we will not be able to perform this process.

In case you want to mark a sticker as a favorite, we do not have more than leave it down and give you to add to favorites. So, it will be saved within this category, so that you can have access to the stickers that you use most often.

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Stickers in WhatsApp: how to download them to add them to your collection

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