Stickers cartoon come to WhatsApp for Android

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Table of Contents

This new app stickers for WhatsApp you will love it

After many rumors and more leaks, we finally have available on WhatsApp stickers or stickers animated. These elements differ from the GIFs that are categorized by themes and designs. We have seen in apps like Telegram, but it has not been until now when you have reached the trial version of WhatsApp.

How to use stickers animated WhastApp

Stickers cartoon come to WhatsApp for Android 1

For the moment we only have a pack-compatible, which we can access if we open the menu of the emoticons of WhatsApp and there select the last of the three options, the stickers.

When we do, we have to press on the icon with the + symbol inside a circle in the top right corner of the keyboard. We look for one that is called Playful Piyomaru and that has a symbol of Play to the right, which indicates to us that this pack of stickers is encouraged.

Stickers cartoon come to WhatsApp for Android 2

If you click on top of that pack, we’ll see what that includes, and if we play on top of any of the designs we will see how they are going to move when you are going to send. Once downloaded we will be able to send it easily to any touch although you have to know that will not be moving in a loop indefinitely but they separated after a few seconds.

To be able to use this new feature you must have installed the latest beta version of Android, in particular the If you still don’t have done can give you high in the Google Play Store via this link.

The entry stickers cartoon come to WhatsApp for Android is listed first on The Android Free.