Stadia now allows you to chat with friends in its application on Android

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Stadia is now in its first year of life and continues to advance in the market in Spain. These past weeks have been introducing a series of new features on the Google platform, such as the ability to share games with friends and family in a simple way. Now it is the turn of a new function, which is already being deployed among users.

Stadia really leaves us with four new functions, which they have announced on their website. Although there is one that stands out above the rest and that many have been waiting for a long time: Chatting with friends is already allowed within the application. The new messages section is made official.

Stadia introduces instant messaging

Stadia messaging

Both the web version and the Android app of Stadia introduce this message section. From it you will be able to chat with your friends and family without leaving the platform. When you start using this feature, you are first asked to configure your privacy, to determine who can send you messages and who cannot. Once configured, it is now possible to send messages.

Users are given the ability to send messages in individual chats, as well as in group chats. In addition, when the profile of a user is now viewed, the possibility of sending a message is introduced in it. Google has also improved the user profiles with more information, although each one can configure whether they want others to see it.

Additionally, the Stadia Android app allows also share screenshots or audio clips, only instead of sharing the file itself, a link will be shared. Video captures now include the audio of the chat voice, this means that now our voice will appear in our recordings, in addition to that of the rest of the players.

The deployment of these functions is already taking place in the new version of the Android app. The new version of the application can be downloaded from the Play Store at the following link:

Stadia now allows you to chat with friends in its application on Android 1


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