Spotify wants to recommend music to you based on the mood of your voice

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Spotify is one of the most popular applications among Android users in Spain. The application has introduced many functions, such as stories or search songs by lyrics. The application has been compatible with smart speakers of various brands for a long time, to be able to control it with voice commands in a simpler way.

Spotify searches take voice control one step further with its new patent, with which to expand the services they would provide. The Swedish firm has patented a technology with which to determine the user’s mood, age, gender or accent when using the microphone.

New Spotify Patent

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Music Business Worldwide has revealed this new Spotify patent, which the firm requested in February 2018, but was registered in January. This signature patent would allow the use the microphone to determine the mood of a person, as well as their gender, age or accent, which could allow to know their exact nationality. They could get a lot of details this way.

The reason for this patent is that the streaming app could use voice recognition to improve your recommendation algorithms. This patent would analyze the voice input looking for emotions, to know if the user is happy, angry, sad, scared or neutral. Based on this, content that matches what you need to listen to at that time will be played. Additionally, the firm could also detect ambient sounds, such as cars on the street, other people talking, birds singing, printers printing, and more, for those recommendations.

This is a patent, so Spotify may not even be considering using this technology, at least in the near future. Although it lets see on the other hand the one that could be the next step in speech recognition, by being able to recognize emotions and thus adapt its contents based on this, with the doubts and fear that this can create in many users.

We will have to see what Spotify does in the future with this technology, if they end up applying it in their app or if they have other plans for it.

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