Spotify stories reach Spain and more countries

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Table of Contents

Spotify stories reach Spain and more countries 1

A year and a half ago we told you Spotify was developing an alternative version of the stories for artists. We later saw that the approximation would be more conventional. The latest update for its mobile applications, which has already jumped in Spain and more countries, already implements them.

The omnipresence of stories

For several years now we have seen all the relevant mobile applications developing versions of the popular Instagram stories, which they borrowed, so to speak, from Snapchat.

Seeing this type of fast and vertical format in social applications such as Facebook or Instagram was already normal, and even Twitter has recently launched its own version.

The point is that their use has not been limited to communication apps, and we have seen some variations on YouTube, Discover and, now, on Spotify.

Spotify officially releases the stories

Spotify stories reach Spain and more countries 2

Unlike other applications, on Spotify this content is not generated by the platform’s clients, but by artists. It makes sense since the idea of ​​the app is that we can learn more about our favorite singers and groups in a more casual way.

At the moment it is in the testing phase, although we have already been able to use them in some searches, such as Christmas Hits. When we click on the first list, the one with the Mariah Carey cover, we will see that at the top there is a circle with a person in motion.

Spotify stories reach Spain and more countries 3

If we click, we will access the stories on this list, one of the few that, for now, have stories. However, if it is a success, rest assured that Spotify will expand the number of lists, albums or songs that will have stories.

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