Spotify crashed: streaming app doesn’t work

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Google has been one of the issues this week, after the fall of its servers that caused many of its applications and services (Gmail, YouTube and more) to stop working for several hours in Spain. Today we have another application that suffers from the same problem, Spotify in this case. The popular streaming app doesn’t work in many countries.

If you use Spotify, either on Android or on its desktop version, it is possible that when you enter it this morning you will find that it does not work. It is a problem that affects Europe above all, with countries with the United Kingdom, the Netherlands or Germany among the most affected, although it is also happening in Spain.

Spotify crashed

Spotify down

If we go to tools like Downdetector, we can see that Spotify does not work and that there are a lot of reports about problems with the popular streaming application. These problems started this morning around 9. So this is very recent.

If you use the application on your phone or the desktop version, you have probably noticed that you cannot play music. In my case, when opening the desktop version tells me there is no internet connection and it won’t let me play any song in it. In the Android app I got a similar warning, although when I reopened it it allowed me to play music.

Spotify problems

At the moment it is unknown what has been the problem that causes Spotify is not working. It is also unknown how long it will take until this problem is solved in the application, both in its desktop version and in the application on Android or iOS. It may be that soon there will be some news from the company about it.

Meanwhile, you can turn to other alternatives to Spotify, both on Android and desktop, such as YouTube Music, Apple Music or Tidal, waiting for the Swedish streaming app to work without problems again.

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