So you can install Xbox games from your mobile and tablet

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Table of Contents


Something that can be really useful is being able to use our mobile phone for install games on the Xbox console. For example, we are at work and we remember a specific game, because in this way we could download it through our mobile and when we get home have it already downloaded and installed on our console. You cannot deny that it is not something very interesting.

This function is not only compatible with the Xbox Series X, S and One, but it will also be useful for a device with Windows 10, since this feature is compatible with both systems, something that we think is excellent news in order to get a biggest game, since many games are present on both platforms.

Now we are going to show you how you have to prepare your console, as well as your device with Windows 10 so that all this connection system with the mobile terminal works perfectly and you do not have the slightest problem.

Configure the console

You must follow some steps that we are going to show you to enable the remote features of your Xbox.

  • We log in on the console with the same Xbox profile that we are going to use in the applications that we put on the mobile and on the PC.
  • Now we must press the Xbox button of the command and thus we will open the guide.
  • At that moment is where we should go to Profile and system to enter Setting.
  • Once inside we must go to Devices and connections, to immediately access Remote features.
  • Now we are going to check the box for enable remote features.
  • In power-on mode, we have to choose Righ now. This step is important, otherwise the remote features will not work. This is for the installation to begin, even if we are not next to the console to turn it on.

Now we have to give the console a name, so that it does not help to identify it from the list that will come out, a very good thing if you have some other console or if your neighbors could have one. It’s that easy:

  • We press the Xbox button and then we will Profile and system and then to Setting.
  • Then we will System and click on Console information.
  • Then it is time to write the Name, using letters (it does not matter if uppercase or lowercase), numbers and hyphens.
  • Now the only thing left for us to do is restart the console for the changes to take effect and we will have everything ready.

Configure Windows 10

We don’t really have to do anything specific so that games can also be installed from our mobile terminal in Windows 10 or from Windows on the console. Just check a few details on our Windows device:

  • We must make sure that we are using the same Microsoft account on our Windows 10 device, on mobile and on the Xbox console profile.
  • The Windows device must be power on and internet connection active. Both situations are essential to be met, as you may have already imagined.
  • We must ensure that we have logged in in the Xbox application for PC and in the Microsoft Store application with the same Microsoft account that we use in our Xbox profile.

These applications do not need to be running, we just need to be the last to log into them.

Xbox Windows 10 App

Applications for mobiles or tablets

We have different possibilities to install games from our mobile or from our tablet on the Xbox Series S and X consoles in addition to the Xbox One.

Xbox for mobile devices

The first thing we have to do is download the Xbox application that is available on the Google play for the Android operating system and App Store from Apple.

Once we have downloaded and installed it on our mobile terminal or tablet, we must carry out the following steps if we want to install games on the console:

  • We must log in to the console with the same Microsoft account we have on the Xbox.
  • Once this is done we enter the game store of the application itself and look for those that we want to have on the console.
  • Once chosen, we enter that game and click on Download to console.
  • Now we have to choose oursWe know what it is because we have previously changed the name as you well remember.

The Xbox application allows us to install games that we have not yet purchased, but we must be clear that they will be downloaded to the console, although we must buy them in order to play them.

Xbox Android App

Xbox Game Pass for mobile devices

With this application we can see the games that we have available to us using Xbox Game Pass, as well as installing it on the console or a Windows 10 device.

All we have to do are a few simple steps:

  • We select the game we want using the filter Console or PC (depending on where you are going to install it).
  • From among all the results we choose a game and select Install.
  • Then we must tell him on which device we want it to be installed and that installation will begin.

If our Windows 10 device is in sleep mode, offline or turned off, the game download could not be started. In sleep or offline mode, games will be queued for download when the device is online. If our Windows 10 is off, the games are not queued for download until the next game installation.

Mobile Game Pass

Microsoft Store on Windows 10

If we have a tablet or laptop with Windows 10 we can also install games both on the Xbox console and on the Windows device you are using or on a remote device that is synchronized.

  • We came in Microsoft Store and we go to the games section and look for the one we like the most, either for Xbox or for Windows 10.
  • Once chosen, click on Install on my devices and we choose the one we want.
  • You just need to click on Install Now for everything to take effect.

As you have seen, it is very easy to install games on our Xbox remotely, in addition to that it can also be used for devices that have Windows 10 as an operating system. It’s a perfect way to get home and find your new game ready to play.

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