So you can get the draft of the declaration of the Income 2019 through the website of the Tax Agency

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So you can get the draft of the declaration of the Income 2019 through the website of the Tax Agency

The campaign of the Income 2019, which we present in 2020, has started. From the 1 of April and until the next June 30, the Tax Agency has enabled on their digital channels the procedures that allow us to obtain, modify and/or accept the draft of the declaration the Tax on the Income of Physical Persons.

Every year there are more people that submit their declaration via the internet, around 90% have opted for this pathway in recent years, and in this article we are going to show you how to easily get the draft step-by-step.

90% of the statements of income are presented by the internet by following these steps

Even though the website of the public finances can be intimidating, the process is pretty simple as we will see below. Take note.

Identifying ourselves with the digital certificate/electronic ID, [email protected] PIN or reference

Rentaweb 2019 Portal

The first thing you need to do, before anything else, is to access as it is natural to the website dedicated to the Income 2019 of the Tax Agency and, in the section Procedures featured, click on Processing service draft / declaration (Income tax WEBSITE) to happen to identify ourselves, basically, by three methods:

  • With digital certificate: To access with digital certificate or electronic ID card, which comes to the same thing, we’ll need to have installed in our computer, our identification and select Log in with certificate or electronic ID. Then, we will have to select the installed certificate that apply and enter the PIN of the same if asked to do so.

  • With [email protected] PIN: If we use the system [email protected] PINone of the preferred in recent years for its practicality, we’ll just have to enter our ID number, its validity date, click on the button Continue and, finally, enter the PIN that we will obtain access to the system Income WEBSITE. We come across a text message to our mobile phone or by way of a notification if you have installed the application of [email protected] PIN.

  • With reference: To use this method, we will need to have the reference RENØ that we can get, if we do not have, through this portal and the introduction of the value of the check box 505 of the Income 2018 along with other data, or the use of [email protected] PIN (although if we are already users of this identification system, the most practical approach is to use it from the start, without the need to perform the processing of obtaining the reference).

Getting the draft in a click

Renta2018 Generate Draft 10

Once past the step of the identification, without a doubt, the that may be more of a problem for errors that may occur during the process, we will arrive to the page on which we found the services available on the campaign of the Income corresponding to the previous year 2019.

As we are interested in obtaining the draft, directly go to click on the option Draft/Statement (Income tax WEBSITE). It’s easy!

From this point, so each one will vary according to your situation.

It may be that the Tax office will ask us, before giving us access to the draft, if the data on our address are correct or not. We will also have to confirm our personal data, as well as choose if you want to make an individual or joint return. And it is also possible that the public finances we ask for permission to use our mobile phone number or e-mail to send notices and general information.

According to the case and by attending our particular case, we will act in one way or another and we will select the options that apply to you.

Before the draft, depending on the circumstances of each taxpayer, the system Rent WEB ask us about personal data, the incorporation of certain data or the possibility to send us information
Renta2018 Generate Draft 16

When all these small required formalities have been completed, finally we will have access to the draft of the declaration of income. It will be time to review it thoroughly from top to bottom, resolve errors, if any, to provide data that may be missing, and, finally, when we list, press the button To file a statement that you will find in the top right.

Remember, if the the result of the statement is positive it means that you have to pay that amount pursuant to the procedures set; if it is negative, it means that the amount we will be paid by the Tax Agency on the account number bank provided by us.

More information on the technical assistance of the Income 2019.

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So you can get the draft of the declaration of the Income 2019 through the website of the Tax Agency

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So you can get the draft of the declaration of the Income 2019 through the website of the Tax Agency 1