So are the new Nokia TVs that could reach Spain

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Nokia is a well-known brand of telephones for users in Spain, although in its range of products there are not only telephones. This year they have already left us with a television with Android TV, as well as a TV Box, also with Android TV. The brand is now expanding its range of televisions with new models for the European market.

The launch of these new TVs in Spain has not yet been confirmed, but since they are aimed at the European market, it would not be unusual for them to also reach our country. Nokia bets on cheap televisions, with 4K screens and that make use of Android TV as its operating system.

This is the range of Nokia televisions with Android TV

Nokia tele with Android TV

The brand leaves us with the 43-inch size Nokia 4300A, the 55-inch size 5500A and the 75-inch size 7500A. All three models make use of an LCD panel with 4K resolution and support for HDR (HDR10). In addition, they have an option to use Google Assistant remotely to control the TV with voice commands. They can also be linked with brand phones, although it will surely work with other Android models.

This range of televisions would come with a refresh rate of 60 Hz on all models and a response time of less than 9.5 ms. They use Android 9 TV as the operating system in this case. These TVs have four HDMI outputs, as well as micro LEDs for dimming.

These three Nokia televisions would be accompanied by an even more modest model, the 3200A. This is a 32-inch TV, with a 1080p panel, which would have support for HDR and three HDMI outputs. This is the simplest model that the brand would present within this range.

Nokia Streaming Box 8000

Along with these televisions, Nokia will also launch its new TV Box, called Streaming Box 8000. It is a TV Box with Android 10 and support for content playback in 4K. Your remote control has shortcuts to Google Assistant, as well as services like Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Netflix, and YouTube. It will be launched at a price of just 99 euros.

Price and availability

For now there is no data on when these Nokia TVs will go on sale, nor the prices they will have. This range is aimed at the European market, but we do not know if it will reach Spain, although it is possible that they will. We expect the brand to announce more data soon.

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