Snaptube, the app to download videos from any social network

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Table of Contents

This is the main asset of Snaptube, that not only is dedicated to the download of content on YouTube and convert it to a format of video or audio. Also provides support for lower Stories of Instagram, States, WhatsApp and Stories of Facebook, among other social networks less used.

Interface of Snaptube: intuitive and better optimized

The app offers a behavior that’s fairly correct, in terms of user experience is made comfortable. Account with many gestures on the screen to navigate through the interface, with transitions between menus or gestures to let you watch a video with a drag down. Surface elements that give the app best feelings.

snaptube menu

The synchronization with the YouTube account will help in great measure to the better user experience. This will allow everything you see on Youtube, is reflected in Snaptube. This includes playlists you created, or the history, as well as custom content for that more often we tend to look at the platform of videos.

snaptube download videos

On the other hand, in the upper part we find the shortcuts to Facebook, WhatsApp and Likee. To access the download videos on Instagramthere is a folder with more social networks to the right, where then will open a browser pop-up and a tutorial on how to get videos on the social network. Just copy the URL of the publication in question and return it to Snaptube.

The security of Snaptube, questioned

Recently, it has been detected that the app Snaptube with irregularities fraudulentrelated to the operation of the application. Specifically, a development kit was the one in charge of access to a server which carried out tasks of clicks advertising fraudulent, downloading in the background ads. Such advertisements are not reported, but the app makes the mouse clicks automatically.

advertising virus

In addition, this development also took subscriptions to services premium in an autonomous way, without requiring users to have and hold absolutely no button. In the final analysis, were detected more than 70 million of fraudulent transactions in the last few months, which as you say have been detected and have been removed.

Do you recommend to download the APK of Snaptube?

On the sidelines of this event, which already took place some months ago, seems not to revoke in most issues of misleading advertising or subscriptions to paid services. In the tests we have done of the app, we have not detected no running out of place or strange behaviors in regards to spam or subscriptions involuntary.

In short, it is still a great alternative to download videos from Youtube for free, with a great deployment of your app. Anyway, we recommend not to link our YouTube accountin order to avoid possible attacks to our data. We note that in in the YouTube profile we have methods of payment are introduced and other data, so better to download content without login with a Google account. To download the APK of Snaptube you can use the following link: