SMAAART’s reconditioned mobiles arrive in Spain

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Smartphones have become the central technological piece of our day to day. It is the way in which we communicate with our friends, with which we work and with which we control appliances in the house or in our vehicles. In Spain the use of these devices is almost mandatory for an application: WhatsApp.

That is why when we lose our cell phone or it breaks, it doesn’t take long until we have another one. The normal thing is to buy a new one, but second hand has always been an option.

There is another possibility, halfway between the two, to buy reconditioned phones. this is what it does SMAAART, a French company that has just opened its subsidiary in Spain.

SMAAART offers discounted prices and a two-year warranty

SMAAART offers discounted prices and a two-year warranty

This company has specialized in selling reconditioned devices in its factory in France, where they remove all the information of their previous owner, review them and make sure they work perfectly.

So much so that They give the same guarantee that we have when buying a new mobile, two years. Even on the battery, one of the most delicate aspects when buying a used mobile.

The prices are significantly lower than those of new mobiles and we can find some iPhone models for less than 150 euros. There are models from brands such as Samsung, Huawei or Sony, although also other less relevant such as Crosscall or Wiko.

SMAAART offers discounted prices and a two-year warranty

If we buy a model and want to return it because it does not convince us, we can do it during the first 14 days.

Sales are made through their website, where we can see the models they have available as well as the price of shipping costs and the period from purchase until we receive them, which ranges from 2 to 4 days.

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