Signal updates with two popular WhatsApp features

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Table of Contents

Signal is being one of the most talked about applications in Spain these weeks. The announcement of the change in terms of use for WhatsApp has made many decide to switch to a more private messaging app, something that this app stands out in (recommended by the European Commission itself). Its creators take advantage of this moment to update the app with new functions.

If a few weeks ago group video calls came to the application, Signal now introduces a couple of new functions that we already know in WhatsApp. It is about the personalized wallpapers in the chats, as well as the animated stickers.

Signal is updated

Signal wallpapers

Signal leaves us with some news that are present in WhatsApp. Until now, the wallpapers in the app’s chats were solid color, based on the theme of the phone. This new beta introduces the custom wallpapers, allowing you to choose a different background in each chat. Various colors are introduced into these backgrounds, from solid colors to others with a shadow effect. Choosing a background will give you a preview of what it will look like.


Animated stickers come to Signal in this new beta. The app doesn’t offer many sticker packs, but they now introduce an animated pack, called Day by Day. This pack is installed by default and contains a total of 24 animated stickers, with various types of emotions or situations. In these stickers the animation is played continuously, it does not stop and start over, as in other apps.

Animated signal stickers

In addition, this new beta of the application also enter profile descriptions, in which you can put a line talking about you, with an emoji. This is what other contacts will see when they click on your profile within the application. You can save several of them to choose at any time the one you want to use.

These new features are already launched in the beta of the application, available in APK Mirror. It is also possible to join the beta program of the messaging application and thus not have to wait for new functions. The version where these new features are introduced has the number 5.3.1. This version is starting to launch already on the Play Store as well.

The Signal entry is updated with two popular WhatsApp features appearing first in The Free Android.