Signal for Beginners: Is Ultra-Secure Messaging Worth It?

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Table of Contents

Signal is one of the most popular applications in Spain in recent days. The changes in the WhatsApp conditions of service have caused controversy among some users, causing some to decide to search among other alternatives to communicate with their contacts.

Although Telegram is one of the ones that has taken the most advantage of this new situation, another application that has grown a lot in recent days is Signal. This ultra-secure messaging application was known in its day for being the application used by Edward Snowden, but it has also stood out for being recommended by the European Union and by figures such as the famous Elon Musk.

Are you evaluating Signal as a messaging application to communicate with your contacts or are you curious about its possibilities? We tell you all the functions that you should consider so you can know if this application meets your requirements.

Encrypted Messages, Calls, and Video Calls

Signal group video calls

Despite being gaining popularity in recent days, Signal is a veteran application in the world of messaging. Since its inception, the objective of this application has been to offer the highest degree of security in communications.

Unlike Telegram, where only secret chats are encrypted, here all communications are encrypted. Be it one-on-one chat, group, call or video call, all of them end-to-end encrypted with open source technology. In this sense, Signal is the strongest application.

For mobile and PC

Signal for Beginners: Is Ultra-Secure Messaging Worth It? 1

Signal works for both mobile and PC, but its operation is somewhat peculiar. When we install the application on the desktop, the first thing that will appear is a QR code to link our mobile to the desktop application, having to point to this code from the mobile in which we have our active Signal account.

The method is similar to WhatsApp, but unlike this application, Signal will not depend on our mobile being active to work. The only similarity between Signal and WhatsApp is that both link through the desktop application, but in Signal we can continue chatting even when our mobile phone runs out of connection or without battery.

Regarding compatibility, the Signal desktop application offers us support for Windows, Mac and Linux (in Debian-based distributions), so you will be covered in that regard.

Download Signal.

Messaging features

Signal for Beginners: Is Ultra-Secure Messaging Worth It? 2

In addition to being able to send messages, make calls, and video calls, Signal has some key features in your messaging experience. The application has not invented anything that we have not seen in other messaging applications, but that does not mean that it is interesting to know that we will have access to our favorite features:

  • Emojis, GIFs and Stickers: The basic communication functions of everyday life.
    • In addition to the default Sticker packs, from Telegram for PC we can create our own custom packs.
  • Sending Files up to 100 MB.
  • Location shipping.
  • Take photos, edit and send them, with curious features like blurring faces.
  • Messages that automatically disappear when reading them: You can have the feature disabled or mark that the messages self-destruct in a time range between 5 seconds and a week after the recipient reads the message.
  • Groups of up to 100 people.
  • Use Signal as an application for SMS and MMS, in addition to Signal’s own messages.

Privacy options

Signal for Beginners: Is Ultra-Secure Messaging Worth It? 2

As privacy is one of the key points of Signal, it is interesting to know the possibilities that this messaging application leaves us. These functions are di

  • Screen lock: You can lock access to Signal with the lock code or fingerprint.
  • Block screenshots to prevent an application from stealing information.
  • Incognito keyboard: If your keyboard allows it, disable the learning functions that analyze what you type.
  • Redirect calls: Redirect calls through the Signal server to hide your IP address from the interlocutor.
  • Read notifications.
  • Typing prompts: If you disable it, you and the other party will not be able to see when someone is typing.
  • Generate link preview.
  • Block users.
  • Confidential sender: Function that prevents the Signal server from knowing who is sending a message. The recipient of the message will know.
  • Allow anyone using Confidential Sender to contact us.
  • Signal PIN: The PIN that we create when using the application can be used to block our account. In case you are forgetful, we will also have an option to ask us for the PIN from time to time.

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