Sends the mobile screen to the tv: 5 ways to do it

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Table of Contents

Sends the mobile screen to the tv: 5 ways to do it 1

There are times in which we see content on our phone, that would be better on a big screenlike the tele. This would allow for a better experience when consuming such content, or allow that we share with the rest of the people in the house, a good distraction if we have children. If we want to be able to do this, there are several different methods to do this.

If at any time you want to see the mobile screen on your tv, you can choose any of the next methods. So it will be possible to duplicate the screen or make the well-known mirroring, which is the name that gives to be able to see on your tv the screen of the phone. Sure that any of them fits what you’re looking for.


Sends the mobile screen to the tv: 5 ways to do it 2

Possibly the most convenient method with which to be able to view your mobile screen on your tvthat you can do regardless of the model of Chromecast that you can. It is a simple method that will allow you to also do this without the need for cables, you’ll only need to have this device or a tv that has built-in, such as televisions, Xiaomi, which come with one built in. The steps to do this are also simple:

  1. Download the app Google Home and set up your Google account.
  2. Connect your mobile and the Chromecast to the same network.
  3. Open your Google Home and click on the icon bottom of your account, the way to the right.
  4. Look through the options and tap “Projecting device“.
  5. Choose the Google Chromecast where you can see the screen of your mobile.
  6. The content you see on the tele.

In addition, to make this process simple, we have many applications they also allow you to send videos from your phone to a Chromecast, so we can use them in the event that necessary.


Sends the mobile screen to the tv: 5 ways to do it 3

The system of exchange of files, DLNA is another method to turn to in this case, since most of the tvs that have connection to the Internet support this protocol. Thanks to it you can use a WiFi network to send photos or videos from your phone to the tv. Also be able to use the same for play on the tv screen contents of the mobilein addition, it has a clear advantage, since it is not a duplication of the screen, but you will be able to continue using the phone normally, in case you want this.

  1. Connects the tv and mobile to the same router.
  2. Activate the DLNA in the settings of each device. On your Android phone is typically located in the section of connections, or wireless options.
  3. Open the gallery or video application to share the desired content.
  4. Tap to share.
  5. Among the options to share should leave the option to connect to nearby devices.
  6. Wait for the DLNA mobile to detect the tv.
  7. Plays such content.

Use a HDMI cable

Sends the mobile screen to the tv: 5 ways to do it

Another option that always works is to use a cable, which in this case will have a USB connection-C or micro USB (depending on your phone) at one end and at the other end, an HDMI connector, you are connecting to on the tv. This will allow you to be able to see on tv the content that is currently playing or showing on the screen of the mobile. In addition, this is going to be possible without the need of having to perform any configuration. Just connect the devices together with this cable and already shown on tv the screen of the mobile.

Miracast and other applications for Screen Mirroring

Watch video

Miracast is a similar system to Google Cast (which is used for Chromecast) and that was the precursor to the mirroring. The majority of phones on Android, as well as the Smart TV, they usually have support for Miracast, so that you can make use of this method. There are many apps in the Play Store that are based on this system. So there is that to install any of them, and have both the phone and the tv connected to the same network, so that it is possible that connection.

The evolution of Miracast has been remarkable, although it has been missing out on something of a hole with other options on the market. The important thing when using this method is to check if the telephone and the television are compatible, in the majority of cases it tends to be. It has slowly been losing presence with the other options, especially Chromecast. If you have an Amazon Fire TV, it is also possible to use it for this, since it depends on if the phone supports Miracast.

For example there are apps like Screen Stream Mirroringthat will allow to play back what’s on the screen of the mobile phone on your tv, without any problems. Thanks to it you will be able to play content of phone applications, or prepare for presentations, among others, without having to pay money for using it.

Projection wireless

Sends the mobile screen to the tv: 5 ways to do it

For many users on Android do not even will need to use an app for this. Many phones have the option of Projection Wireless in the quick settingsalthough there are times that it is hidden, but you can always display it in them. When using a Smart TV, just have to connect the two devices to the same WiFi network to be able to use this function. This is done in the following way:

  1. Opens the quick settings of the phone (by sliding the top of the screen).
  2. Look for the option Projection Wireless.
  3. Tap on it.
  4. Expected to show the available devices.
  5. Select your TV.
  6. Waiting for them to connect.
  7. The mobile screen will look on your TV.

What problems can arise?

Sends the mobile screen to the tv: 5 ways to do it

See the mobile screen on the tv is very comfortable, especially in a time like the present, where you can find a way to distract the little ones at home, but also there may be certain issues or problems when doing so, that will depend in large part in function of the method used.

The phone has to keep on all the time, in addition, in many cases you can’t exit out of that application in which you are playing the video or content, we usually eat quite a bit. It is a process that in general consume enough battery.

We will have to buy cables or adapters since we do not always have this at home, so that you can warrant the expense, in case you are using the HDMI cable, for example.

Although in Spain it is normal to have a very good Wifi connection, this is something that is necessary if we use projection systems such as Miracast. If you have a bad connection, can occur in some areas, such reproduction will stop a lot and you will not be able to enjoy.

Sometimes we can find ourselves with delays in image and/or sound. Is usually not something serious or just too annoying, but it can contribute to a worse experience, especially if due to these problems there is a bad sync between the sound and the image.

If the content you’re trying to play is not available in the best qualityyou may have sent a video and your quality is not can choose, to display it on the screen of the mobile phone may not have problems, but when you see it on tv, it is possible to miss details or not see well.

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