Secure folder and other apps and features of Samsung Knox to protect your mobile

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Table of Contents

And although with the release of each generation of mobile Samsung, such as the recent Galaxy S20, improving even more its capabilities, if you put in the pocket one of the well-known Korean manufacturer can continue reading and learn how to shield your data from now.

What is Samsung Knox

Let’s start with the basics and that is for many it may sound the name, to the best of what they have seen by your device, but do not have a very clear idea of who it is. Samsung Knox is the platform of multi-layered security Samsung, integrated into the devices of Samsung (as in all their smartphones, tablets, wearables, and many of their household appliances consumption), at both the hardware and the software, which allows our devices incorporate mechanisms for defense and security that protect the information against intrusion, malware and other threats.

samsung knox

That is to say, it is our first line of defense to attacks of viruses as well as for any type of information leakage of the device. And not only tells the well-known mobile brand, is supported by the main certifying bodies, as it has successfully passed the rigorous security requirements set by major governments throughout the world. In this way, in Spain, is qualified by the Center for Cryptologic National through its certification Body as ENS High, for the main phones and tablets Samsung Galaxy, stating: “The family of products Galaxy protect your sensitive data from malicious attacks and malware thanks to the platform high security to Samsung Knox which begins on the chip itself from the moment that you turn on your device, preserving the most sensitive data of your customers and avoiding possible leaks of information.”

In addition, although not all phones have the certification – but if you meet all of the requirements – devices such as the Galaxy Note 10 or Tab Active 2 also are certified CommonCriteria (MDFPP).

If you are curious, here includes all the certifications passed by the devices and solutions Samsung Knox.

What does the security platform of Samsung?

How to we have indicated before, Samsung Knox is a platform of multi-layered security. This means that you have several levels to protect our personal information and against malicious attacks. These levels would be:

  • Security improvements with the Security Enhancements for Android (SE for Android)

Knox protects applications and data by using a strict definition of what can be done by each process and what data can be accessed. This allows it to separate, encrypt, and protect the business data in a different space, and managed.

  • Protection of the kernel at run time

Check both at boot time as in time of running of the Operating System ensures that this has not been altered, thereby preventing unauthorized access to the kernel and the modification of the code, and making sure that it is the software approved by Samsung.

Knox takes advantage of the architecture of the processor on which the calculations are highly sensitive are isolated from the rest of the operations of the device to protect corporate data outside of what is the environment for Android to have a higher degree of security.

  • Boot terminal, secure with support of hardware

To prevent that the security measures are ignored or contravened, Knox implements this system that allows you to verify the integrity and authenticity of the software of the phone or tablet during the boot process.

The personal data can be isolated completely in a safe location on your device called “Secure Folder”.

And this is how you can take advantage of you as a user?

The million dollar question, because nothing of all these capabilities if we, as users, we don’t know to use them and use them properly. So let’s go over some points of Knox that you can set up right now to improve the security of your data.

We started in the “Secure Folder” that you just mentioned. It is an app that comes built into the system, but that, if by some chance the we’ve wiped, we just have to re-download it from Google Play.

Secure Folder
Secure Folder

Secure folder and other apps and features of Samsung Knox to protect your mobile 1

Not only can we save apps in the Secure Folder, it is also a safe space, protected and encrypted to have there folders and any file type-sensitive as documents, photographs, etc, that in addition to being encrypted can be insured against “prying eyes” with password or, better yet, opening biometric (fingerprint, iris, etc)

knox samsung

It is also a space that allows us to clone apps and manage them from different profiles and alternative. For example, if we have a messaging application that we use both personally and professionally, it is possible to separate both spheres, and accounts, which will remain independent and autonomous.

knox samsung

Finally, we have a backup and restore independent of the rest of the system and protected. With it, we can change the mobile without problems and take all of this sensitive material without problems.

Other services Samsung where take advantage of Knox

But Secure Folder is, perhaps, the app more meaningful, Samsung Knox is present in all the systems of the smartphones and tablets of the Korean company. It is for this reason that allows us to take advantage of the security offered in other different aspects such as mobile payments.

Through Samsung Pay, it is possible to shield the credentials of our cards and means of payment, as Knox ensures that both the client of Samsung Pay as the Framework of payment and related information is running in a domain isolated and maintain the trust.

On the other hand, Samsung Pass is the center of identification to log in to different apps, as it could be the bank. Through biometric identification (iris, fingerprint, etc.), with Samsung Pass which provides identity management as a service simple and secure, ensuring that our biometric data are encrypted and are kept intact, and only us who can access them.

And finally, Samsung Health, because, although it may seem that data such as the coffees that we take, the steps that we take, the pounds we lose or the heart rhythm detected through a watch or bracelet intelligent, they are banal, they are still private, and Samsung Knox is concerned that we’re in control of all of them.

A bid for permanent security

And is that we talked all the time of phones and tablets, but with the arrival of 5G, and, above all, the Internet of Things, will trigger the number of intelligent appliances. Samsung extends to protection of Knox to these, we just have to find that place “Secured by Knox” to guarantee that lead the implementation of a security architecture supported by hardware that protects the device from the moment you power up.

knox samsung