Season 16 arrives with the event ‘Shocktober’

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Table of Contents

There are new unlockable items in this new session of the popular tower defense game. We are going to break down the details of this new update and what the arrival of the ‘Shocktober’ means, which obviously will have something to do with Halloween.

Clash Royale
Clash Royale

News of season 16 in Clash Royale

This new name that has been given to the season is loaded with new details. As a summary, we have two new cards, new emotes and many balance changes, something common in the development of Supercell every time there are big changes. First, and going deeper into the details, we have these two new cards that will give us more possibilities to play.

season 16 clash royale electric giant

The Electric Giant, a “mastodon of flesh and metal” according to its official description, is one of two new cards that will arrive with the October update. Is about an epic tank-type card It will automatically attack surrounding units with electrical sparks. Will have a 8 point elixir cost, an attack speed of 2.1 seconds, and a movement speed of 45.

After the hundred letters that Clash Royale has reached in its history with this giant, comes number 101. It is about Electric Spirit, a new unit of common type that, similarly to the rest of the spirits in the game, will be a low cost card, specifically 1 elixir point. Its function is to disintegrate when hitting a target after dealing damage and stunning it.

Balance changes in Season 16

The changes in the balance of the cards, as we have said before, is one of the characteristics that always accompany Clash Royale in each update. It does not usually happen for all heroes, but they focus on some that the moment is being heavily used or give the rival a lot of advantage. The same happens in the opposite case, when the card is not being used too much or does not give performance in the game.

season 16 clash royale balances

In that shortlist are both the Musketeer how Real ghost. Both have suffered changes in their balance but with different effects. The first has had a nerf, that is, a reduction in the benefits of the letter, specifically by lowering 60% the speed of your first attack. The second letter, has obtained a little love from Supercell, obtaining the ability to ‘float’ to cross the river without the need for a bridge.

The same ability has been given to the Warrior Healer, although it is still a land card. In return, the Skeletal Dragons have had a 11% reduction in attack speed. He is also accompanied by the Healing Spirit, which has undergone a change with a 9% less of your healing ability.