Samsung’s plan to make the Galaxy the best mobile phones to play

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Samsung continues to be one of the best technology brands in Spain and despite the difficulties that we have all gone through in 2020, it plans to be even more ambitious. The manufacturer seeks that your Galaxy phones are the best phones to play. The brand has been betting on gaming for a long time, as they made clear in the redesign of the Galaxy Store.

In addition, Samsung is working on a series of initiatives so that its Galaxy phones provide better performance when playing games. That is why the firm today launched its GameDriver application, which will improve performance when playing games, available now for the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20.

To make its Galaxy phones the best for gaming, the brand has a plan that focuses on four different aspects, as they announced today. These are the fields in which they work to make their Galaxy range of mobiles the best on the market when it comes to gaming.

Samsung GameDriver

Samsung GameDriver

Samsung GameDriver is an application that searches improve the performance of Galaxy phones when it comes to playing games, it is already available for its current high-end (Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20). It is a driver that is updated through Google Play and may have a performance improvement in games like Fortnite or Call Of Duty. Something necessary in games like Epic’s, since the current high-end works worse in this game than the Galaxy S9 and Note 9, where Fortnite was better because they worked together with Epic Games.

GPU driver optimization and driver update optimization is a key area to take full advantage of hardware capabilities and maintain optimized GPU performance. Samsung has worked with Google, ARM and Qualcomm to develop this application.

GameDriver is a new way to update the GPU driver, by doing so by the Play Store, thus offering a more stable and better performance GPU operation for the games in which it works. It is being launched on a limited basis at the moment, although it will reach more Galaxy phones soon.

Tools and SDK

Samsung support games

Samsung develops its own tools and SDK, such as GPUWatch and Galaxy GameSDK. They are intended to help game developers detect potential performance issues or bottlenecks in real time, so they can act as soon as possible. These SDKs integrate with all major game engines, so they are easy for game developers to use.

Developer support

Samsung has GameDev engineering team available to assist developers at all times. This help is offered in a variety of ways, from answering general development questions to getting engineering collaboration directly with your company. This always ensures that problems faced by developers are addressed and thus always have access to support.

Game engines

Samsung ecosystem games

The Samsung GameDev Team focuses on supporting game engines, so that those games released through the ecosystem of that engine are guaranteed to obtain the necessary optimizations that would normally arrive in a single game. The firm works in this way because they are aware of the importance of supporting game engine optimization so that this optimization is widely distributed.

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