Samsung would overtake Apple in monitoring diabetes with its Galaxy Watch

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The wearables sector in Spain is growing rapidly, and we have more and better options for all tastes, whether in affordable watches or high-tech products. In this second group, Samsung is usually a company that is increasingly committed to offering solutions with the latest of the only things. And it seems to be ready to incorporate a new sensor capable of monitoring diabetes through oxygen in the blood.

The Galaxy Watch wants to overtake Apple with a blood glucose meter

According to ETNews, Samsung is already working on the successor to the Galaxy Watch 3, which is expected to be presented during the second half of the year. Among the best that Samsung would be proposing for its new watch, it would incorporate a new optical sensor that would be able to measure the level of glucose in the blood through the light emitted, being a non-invasive process for the body.

It is not the first time we have heard this tool on a smart watch, and it is that at CES in 2021 we have seen how a Japanese manufacturer showed its watch capable of measuring blood glucose level using this method. We know that Apple would also be working on incorporating this technology into the Apple Watch.

Samsung would overtake Apple in monitoring diabetes with its Galaxy Watch 1The Galaxy Watch 3 is not only a sports device, but also a health one.

Bear in mind that the blood sugar sensor will ultimately not be a substitute for a traditional glucometer. Like the rest of the sensors present in smart watches, it is to be expected that it does not have the same precision as any health device designed for a specific measurement. In this sense, this new sensor would not be a substitute for the traditional glucometer, but rather a complementary tool capable of collecting information during most of the day.

All these advances in sensors have a great implication for the future of health, and that is that the more tools we have to continuously monitor, the more information we can learn about the state of our body. As time goes on, these sensors should become more affordable so that they end up reaching as many more affordable wearables as possible.

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