Samsung unveils the full processor of the Galaxy S21

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The best Samsung Galaxy sold in Spain usually stand out for the use of Exynos processors, which are specifically designed by Samsung. Although historically they have been a step behind the Snapdragon, the company is willing to show that its chips are good enough to be used in the best mobiles on the market.

Beyond the Galaxy S and Note, Samsung’s semiconductor division has plans to sell processors to Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi, so now more than ever they must be able to demonstrate all their technological might. And the new Samsung Exynos 1080 is the latest example of it.

The new Samsung Exynos 1080 in full: Samsung unveils the chip that will give life to its best phones

Like every year, Samsung has unveiled what today is the best processor they have ever made. Its name is Samsung Exynos 1080, and although the company already made it official a few weeks ago, we still did not know much about its technical characteristics. Samsung has formalized its presentation, revealing its capabilities.

Samsung unveils the full processor of the Galaxy S21 1

As expected, it is created in a 5-nanometer manufacturing process, the most advanced in the industry and at the level of the Apple A14, Kirin 9000 and, hopefully, the Snapdragon 875. At the architectural level it has a design of 8 cores, with a 2.8 GHz A78, another 3 A78 2.6 GHz cores and 4 energy efficient A55 cores. The configuration is very good, and according to Samsung it is capable of achieving 50% extra performance in single core and 100% extra in multicore compared to the Exynos 990, figures that are good but could be better if Samsung had included a Cortex X1 core. .

In terms of graphics power, the 10-core Mali-G78 is 130% faster than the 11-core G77 that the Exynos 990 had. At the screen level, it is capable of supporting 2K screens at 90 Hz and up to 144 Hz in FullHD resolution, so it is unlikely that the Galaxy S21 can have the maximum fluidity and quality at the same time, as it already happens in the current generation. Unless a superior processor finally exists, like the rumored Exynos 2100.

Samsung unveils the full processor of the Galaxy S21 2

In terms of image processing, the Exynos 1080 supports photographic sensors up to 200 Mpx and 10-bit HDR video recording at 4K resolution. It is capable of recording and editing HDR10 + video, positioning itself at the level of the iPhone 12.

Although we do not have details on mobile availability, it is possible that it will end up being the processor of the Galaxy S21, and it is also likely that it will end up reaching future Vivo models.

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