Samsung to expand the use of the S Pen to more product categories

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After expanding the use of the S Pen to the S family with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra the manufacturer plans move compatibility to other device families. With this, the Galaxy Note will lose exclusivities, but that does not mean that they will disappear.

To come inserted in the Samsung Galaxy Note, and included with some Samsung Galaxy Tab, the manufacturer decided to give the S Pen a new spin to expand your usage boundaries. The first step was to include the bracket in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, the phone with more features of the new batch. And this first step would not be the only one since Samsung confirms that its pencil will reach other product categories, surely those that offer better features.

The S Pen will move from the Note, Tab and S to other product families

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra case to house the S Pen

Samsung has confirmed that the step taken in expanding the S Pen to the Galaxy S will not be unique as this accessory will reach other devices. With the movement the brand thinks expand the capabilities of such products while enhancing your productivity and creativity capabilities. Of course, at the cost of reducing the attractiveness of the mobiles they saw including the S Pen, the Note.

A few weeks ago the president of Samsung’s mobile division, TM Roh, has already advanced the transfer of the S Pen. That was the preview of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, although it also led to the rumor that Samsung would stop developing the Galaxy Note range. This is not true since Everything indicates that we will see a Samsung Galaxy Note 21 this year, but it would mean the arrival of the S Pen to devices such as folding mobiles, a fact that rumors already anticipated. And we would not be surprised if Samsung introduced the support for the S Pen in some Galaxy A. So it could differentiate this prolific family even more.

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That the S Pen ends up reaching more product categories does not imply that the Galaxy note experience is diluted: most likely, Samsung wants to set the S Pen as a generic accessory in its catalog. Let’s not forget that, as with the Samsung Galaxy S21, the stylus is not inserted into the device, a drawback that remains user experience. As much as there are cases prepared to include it, only the Galaxy Note offers an experience completely adapted to the S Pen.

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Samsung to expand the use of the S Pen to more product categories

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Samsung to expand the use of the S Pen to more product categories 1

Samsung to expand the use of the S Pen to more product categories 2