Samsung Smart Switch most common problems and how to fix them

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Table of Contents

Samsung Smart Switch

For many users in Spain with a Samsung mobile, the Samsung Smart Switch app it is a known tool. Thanks to this application we can transfer our files between phones, ideal if we are going to change our mobile and start using one from Samsung. It is a tool that makes this transition between mobiles really simple.

As with other applications or tools on a phone, There are times when Samsung Smart Switch does not work. It may have happened to some of you when you wanted to use this application. If you have ever had a problem with the app, we show you some solutions that we can use.

Bad connection? Wired test

Samsung Smart Switch


One of the advantages of Samsung Smart Switch is that we allows you to transfer those files wirelessly, without the need for cables, since we can connect both phones to the same WiFi network to make it possible. Although there are times when this is precisely what fails, making the transfer wirelessly not possible. Or that the connection is not stable or strong enough to support that transfer. Therefore, check if your connection is bad, which is what prevents it from working.

If this happens, we can resort to wire transfer, connecting both devices or connecting your phone to the computer. Cable transfer is more stable and usually has less of a problem, especially if you are trying to transfer large files. When using the cable you will have no more problems.

Update Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung Smart Switch most common problems and how to fix them 1

As with other applications on Android, the malfunction may originates from the need to update the app. Many times problems are solved by updating to a new version, thanks to which the application will work again. In this case, if you find it impossible to transfer those files, try updating.

If Samsung Smart Switch is giving problems after updating it, you can try reverting to a previous version. It is not common that an application like this is going to give us problems after having updated it. But it is always something to try, in case it was the source of the problem.

Backup could not be found?

A problem that many have encountered when using Samsung Smart Switch on their mobiles is a message that tells them that the backup could not be found. When you use the app to transfer your files, it is common to make a backup copy of the old phone to save the files you want to send. If you get this notice, it is most likely that said copy has been saved incorrectly.

Therefore, in this case you should go to your old phone and go to the backup section, to make a. When you have done this, go to your Samsung phone to try to download said backup. The most common is that it will work and you can download it.

Little space

The best applications to free up space on your Android

When you try to send large files with Samsung Smart Switch, it may be the case that you end up consuming the memory of your new mobile Samsung and that at some point you get a notice that tells you that there is no space available. In these situations, there are a series of options that we can resort to, to prevent the memory of the new phone from filling up:

  • Use a microSD to expand space.
  • Send fewer files to the new phone.
  • Save files in the cloud so you don’t have to send them to your new mobile.

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