Samsung prepares up to five folding mobiles by 2021, according to The Elec

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Apart from the two models that it currently has on the market, and which would be renewed during 2021, Samsung would be planning the distribution of up to three more folding mobiles. These would already be in development according to the Korean industry. And they could be priced lower than usual for flexible display technology.

Foldable mobiles did not abound during 2020, but that did not imply that we had different models to choose from. And one brand stands out for its determination to bring flexible displays to its catalog: Samsung. He renewed his first folding with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and added a new model with a different form factor, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The most logical thing would be for the manufacturer to renew both models during 2021, but rumors anticipate a multiplication of folding: up to five such mobiles could present Samsung.

Galaxy Z Flip 2, Galaxy Fold 3 and up to three more folding


We know that The Samsung Galaxy S21 they are going to be ahead of their usual launch since the manufacturer would have planned his presentation for January 2021. The range is in the middle of the manufacturing process. And it would not be the only family of phones that already has a plan for 2021 since Samsung would have defined its global strategy. This strategy would offer greater coverage to folding screens, both in new iterations of those already presented and in novelties.

There are several rumors that They anticipate an end of the Galaxy Note for 2021This has not been confirmed by Samsung (and they don’t seem too credible). Neither does the proliferation of folding: as anticipated by the Korean media The Elec, and always citing internal sources in the component industry, Samsung would expand the models with a folding screen. The Galaxy Fold 3 would have an S Pen and the Samsung Galaxy S21 would be compatible with that stylus. Therefore, it would not be unreasonable for Samsung to cover the gap in the Note with new folding, somewhat more accessible due to the improvement of the components and at a lower cost. Or simply Samsung would plan to create a range of folding in order to offer different possibilities to the buyer.

The Elec anticipates a notable improvement in the next Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip: the new models they would run away from the ‘experimental’ feeling that until now have this type of device. Samsung would have developed a stronger glass protector, it would have also improved other key details, such as the folding mechanisms. Hence, the folding are popular in the Samsung catalog: 2021 could be the year in which we see a flexible screen mobile without exorbitant price.

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Samsung prepares up to five folding mobiles by 2021, according to The Elec

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Samsung prepares up to five folding mobiles by 2021, according to The Elec 1

Samsung prepares up to five folding mobiles by 2021, according to The Elec 2